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  1. LOL bs on #4 you can get iron just use another pick found in a large dungeon or a ranger exploding arrow skill to get it XD
  2. here you can post things you might wanna see on Hack/Mine here are some things I want to see added 1) Nature/poison resistance added to armor Ex. Armor Name +12 strength +12 fortitude +10% Nature resistance 2) better Armor/weapons found in higher area levels like (I found level 30 armor in a level 512 tower >.>) +20 stat armor/weapons and more damage weapons found in like 100-300 area levels +30 stat items in area levels 300-500 (etc...) 3) maybe add like an EXP bonus to armor (+1-2% bonus and EXTREMELY rare item drop) Ex. Armor Name +12 wisdom +25% fire resistance +1% EXP gained from monsters
  3. server is online but no one can connect >.>.>>>>.>>>>>..> and can I apply for a mod <.>
  4. Not to complain but, there is no spawn (griefed) and the server crashed because of lag. Can you please fix the server and bring it back up and fix the "griefed" spawn? If you type /spawn you fall into a giant hole, take massive damage or die completely. I really love this server XD keep up the good work.
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