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  1. In order to figure out what is actually going on you should provide the crash information from the client and/or server. The crash-reports are located in the data directory of the modpack you are using and the server crash-report is located in the folder the contains the Tekkit.jar file. Without the stack trace in those files there is not real way to help you resolve the issue.
  2. Launch File 1. Create a file called "launch.bat" in your server folder 2. Copy this line into the file java -Xmn1G -Xms4G -Xmx5G -d64 -server -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -XX:ParallelGCThreads=2 -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+AggressiveOpts -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui 3. Start your server by double clicking the batch file. 4. If you want the GUI to pop up, remove the end parameter "nogui" Linux The version of Linux I was talking about was in Post #2. I don't know how to make it clearer but just for simplicity it is Ubuntu Server 12.10 x64. The reason I choose to use Linux is the low memory load but up to you. For the sake of time I will ignore the "retard proof" comment. Hardware Switching to a Single Core will not help your situation. Though servers only run on a single core, the others are running other processes and allow that single core to focus on Java. Lag You said you removed Tier 3 Generators from Spawn. Do you mean the spawn point of the server? If so then you might want to move it 20+ blocks away from the Initial Spawn. Only OP's have access to place/break blocks within 20 blocks of the spawn. If you place a generator within the spawn then it could be constantly checking the block to make sure it is yours. I have no idea how the server handles blocks already in the area so this could be wrong.
  3. What version of Voltz are you currently using? The recipe for Enriched Iron was missing in 1.0.1. It has been added in later versions. If you update the Client and the Server you will be able to make the Enriched Iron needed to use the Metallurgic Infuser. I believe the version it was added in was 1.0.2 but they are currently on 1.0.5 and that is the one I suggest. Just in case you are trying the wrong recipe. You need to place an Enriched Alloy above and below an Iron Bar to create 6 Enriched Iron. To make an Enriched Alloy you need to surround an Iron Bar with Red Stone on the Top, Left, Right and Bottom. I can confirm this is working.
  4. Contact the developers of Multicraft and inform them that there is a modded server that does not run with Multicraft. Submit a bug report to them and they should fix the issue. Worst case they will conclude that there is anissue in Voltz where you can then submit a Bug Report to Voltz and they will look into it. EDIT: The reason I say goto Multicraft first is because Voltz is not designed to run with Multicraft. The server is designed with what they distribute, anything else you add/use was not intended for it. If it does come down to Voltz being the issue then you can make a request for Multicraft to be supported.
  5. The point of the discussion section is to discuss. Really the best thing to do on this forum is to not release anything that you have personally done. Again the best thing to do is to just change it yourself and wait for an official release of the new servers. As Blackbird and I have said by you posting files you are placing yourself under liability. If you really want to help output new servers then you need to contact the Technic developers and ask there permission where, if they agree, will instruct you about submitting a build of the server so they can approve it before it is released to the players.
  6. Hard to say since I do not understand how multicraft starts the server up. My suggestion is to attempt to run it yourself with different runtime parameters and see if the performance changes. I put a lot of time into making my launch file so that it runs he best it can. Also running a server off of Windows 7 will play a part too since there will be other services running in the background including, automatic defrag, update server, etc...if the server is on its own machine I recommend loading a linux distro for performance, if not then focus on eliminating background processes that are not needed.
  7. Also you can charge items without a Solar Generator. You can make a Battery Box and a Coal Generator. Put the radar gun in the battery box and power it with the generator. Once you make enough Steel to make the Crusher for Platinum Dust then you can replace it with Solar Power.
  8. Update Voltz to the newest version. It includes the fixes for the Metallurgic Infuser. However there are still a few issues with powering by cable, but it does more than enough processing on a simple battery to make Refined Steel Dust.
  9. No however my server is running about 10 players. Post the number of average players you have and some information about your server, such amount of RAM, the launch file to start your server. For comparison... Ubuntu Server 12.10 x64 6 GB Memory 3 Core AMD Processor Launch File java -Xmn1G -Xms4G -Xmx5G -d64 -server -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -XX:ParallelGCThreads=2 -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+AggressiveOpts -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui
  10. Be careful with this. I support your work but you must be careful with posting a link that contains the mods and other jar files. Technic has the permission to release the mods through the developers. Also if something would go wrong with other players who use your download as the new server then the blame falls in you. Eventually there will be a server release from Technic, but only when they settle on a stable build of the client.
  11. Found another issue. When using the Metallurgic Infuser to create the Refined Steel Dust, it does not receive enough power from batteries, even the Elite ones to make the Refined Dust. The website shows the Infuser using an energy cube to power it, but the energy cube requires a Steel Block made from Refined Steel Dust. The Infuser also does not accept power through cables to run. So as of now there is still no way to legally make Refined Steel Dust.
  12. Nevermind I figured it out. For those who cannot figure it out without NEI. You need to create a Metallurgic Infuser. With this you can use Compressed Carbon and Enriched Iron to create Refined Steel. So the fix that was implemented was the ability to create Enriched Iron.
  13. I have installed the new version of your mod but do not see how it is fixed. Any insight you can give in the fix you implemented?
  14. That is true, but the Enrichment Chamber needs Refined Steel which is made using Refined Steel Dust and as of now there is no way to make Refined Steel Dust. Without an Enrichment Chamber, there is no way to make Platinum Dust which is needed in order to make Solar Generators.
  15. The issue is in the difference between the minecraft version and the version supported by Technic. So go to Vanilla in the launcher, click options and click development builds. This will set the launcher Vanilla version equal to the real minecraft current version and it will work.