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  1. NetherOres don't work. Delete the netherores mod or install jdk 7. Per the wiki and forum, it is a jdk 7 issue. You can find the previous reference here: NetherOre JDK 7 Requirement For NetherOre, JDK 6/7 is not an EitherOr. ^_^
  2. Yes...now that you mention it, I noticed that the RockCrusher was self-powering, too, which was kind of amusing - a nice bug-upgrade, I thought after the hassle . I LOLd. Ah, so the old IC2 APIs, work, too, eh? Jelato Foot deserves a lot of credit for the 1st post in this thread, which put us all on the right track. Team effort! I agree that with these changes, Tekkit 3.1.3 seems stable - no problems so far. Also, on the Advanced Machine side, I just tested the Centrifuge Extractor, which seems OK. I'm think I'll make a Tekkit Rubber Room. Ha! ps. The modified class files are really OK - they just change the paths. If someone wants to decompile them with jd-gui and verify, please do! :)
  3. Hopefully, at this point, there shouldn't be any reason to have remove the Advanced Machines with 3.1.3. They seem to work fine with the replaced classes in IC2 mentioned earlier in this thread along with other chnages. And, in my case, even when there were console errors, the stop command still worked, which usually helps prevent world corruption. Your friend may be able to salvage his world (?) by following instructions in this thread. Also, my world now seems to be fine, despite upgrading to 3.1.3 and then (initially) not working. I noticed the recommendation in another thread to downgrade and remove all advanced machines and thought that was a little extreme. Anyway, once I patched my server, everything was operational without any world/MCEdit, etc. modifications. Hope the patch and other 3.1.3 related info helps you out.
  4. Andrew - can you verify that you can also power Rock Crushers with Wooden Conductive Pipes - or use other BC/RC interactions?
  5. So, upon further checking, it looks like the 5.4.7 MCPC mod for RailCraft explicitly states that if it is being used with BC2.2.14, that the BC API folder must be deleted from the zip file. The last MC1.2.5 version of BuildCraft is 2.2.14 for SMP, and 3.1.5 for SSP, where the API in RailCraft is only intended for 3.1.5/SSP (!). So, deleting the BC API folder from RailCraft on the server side is the expected action. However, as an experiment, I took the related API files from the BuildCraft 2.2.14 server mod and put them into RailCraft 5.4.7 MCPC and was able to set up a functional rock crusher without any errors, powered as follows: Geothermal Generator -> EnergyLink -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Rock Crusher Works great, So...while there may be other issues related to inserting the API files from BC2.2.14 into RailCraft, using Wooden Conductive Pipes doesn't appear to be one of them, and this reverse tweak may fix the most common class of error with Wooden Conductive Pipes. Note: If you are having trouble pasting files into the mod zips, try using 7zip in 2 window mode (open 7zip, hit F9, open the source file on the left (ie. BuildCraft 2.2.14), open the destination file on the right (ie. RailCraft 5.4.7 MCPC), select the file you want to copy, and hit F5 then OK the transfer. @Chillers : see if this fixes your issue.
  6. @Andew Nederhoff : Glad it's working. Mine too. Like you, I thought more would have tried it by now. I ran a large quarry through macerators, etc. and have seen no issues so far. Maybe others are skeered of the zip file. If so, again, it was just a minimal compatibility change, and the file only contains the 3 classes that need replacing. @Chillers : There is obviously an API conflict. Looks like the Railcraft vs. BuildCraft API issue per the first post in this thread by the excellent Jelato Foot. It appears to be coming from use of conductive wooden pipes. Tekkit 3.1.3 server uses RailCraft 5.4.7 and the client is 5.4.7b - these were the last 1.2.5 releases, since RailCraft 6.0+ moved to MC1.3.2. Anyway - remove the BuildCraft API from the RailCraft mod. Just open the mod zips and you will see a folder called "buildcraft" that contains an "api" folder. That's what you want to delete...and n.b. the note on Rock Crusher powering.
  7. See this thread for the download to fix IC2/AdvancedMachines and NuclearControl: Tekkit 3.1.3 fixes
  8. Use WorldGuard and define a region around the pipe, or a larger region that non-members can't enter in the first place.
  9. Well...Tekkit is currently built on MC1.2.5. Sounds like you you guys are singing the "Hello lava my old friend; I see you've pushed me in again" song not by Simon & Garfunkel. Hehe. You could try installing WorldGuard and setting the pvp flag to deny. I don't recall if that fixes collisions or not and can't test it at the moment, but it might be worth a try. The command to change the global flag (affecting the whole world) is: /region flag __global__ pvp deny ...or... /region flag regionName pvp deny ... if you define a custom region. Otherwise, I don't know if there are any specific anti-player collisions bukkit plugins. Maybe. I know there are some for minecarts. Since Tekkit is built on bukkit, if there were a 1.2.5-compatible bukkit plugin, then it should work. That being said, it looks like there are 2 old pull requests on github for a Player Collision API (interesting in that others want the same thing, but maybe not immediately useful without doing a custom server build).
  10. Why is it a problem? Do you mean legitimate "entity" collision where one player can push another by running into them - for example, into the ocean, a hole over a lava pit (always good fun) or off a cliff when they are AFK - or do you mean when players accidentally hit each other with their pickaxes while mining close to each other and causing discontent, swearing, intrafamily violence, and/or ragequit syndrome? If it is the latter, there are various ways to fix it: 1. Set pvp to false in server.properties. This will disable player-player damage. 2. Install the WorldGuard bukkit plugin (which you may want to do anyway). Once installed, you can define areas and set the PvP deny flag, which will prevent unintentional damage and allow all the kids to have their own private areas in the same world (if you/they want). 3. Use a bukkit plugin like Multiverse and set pvp to false in the world config file for the desired world. If you use any bukkit plugins, make sure you get the versions that are appropriate for MC1.2.5, which will not be latest ones in many cases, or they may fail to load and/or generate various types of errors. The advantage to using WorldGuard is that you can leave pvp set to true in server properties and define areas where it is allowed and denied within your world. Eventually, your Minecrafters are going to want to fight each other, so you can make WorldGuarded arenas where battle and player-on-player damage are allowed. Note that if you install WorldGuard, you will have to add Tekkit default users, like [buildCraft], [RailCraft],[ComputerCraft],[RedPower], etc., as ops (/op [buildCraft] as admin or op [buildCraft] from the console) or add them as members to your regions. If you don't, quarries and other machines/features will mysteriously not work because they don't have region privileges. Alternately, you could use Multiverse to create multiple worlds where there are different parameters - survival, creative, pvp, no pvp, etc. to add to the game variety. Have fun.
  11. Also, see this 3.1.3 FixIt Thread for NuclearControl and IC2 interface fixes + others.
  12. Also, in the thread referenced by Kommunističeskiĭ, there are patches for some IC2 issues.
  13. I also have no axe to grind and just wanted to get my server working, but it's kind of problem when thousands of people update to a broken build. Below is the announcement I was referring to with respect to "final": 3.1.3 Finalized Announcement 15 Nov 2012 NooOOOOOope. Chuck Testa. ps. My server still seems to be up-and-running with various advanced machines: rotary macerators, MFSUs, mass fabricators, etc. Not seeing any issues.
  14. Well...I got tired of waiting for an official fix, so attached to this post are modified versions of the 3 IC2 classes with the minor interface conflict fixes, as follows: ElectricItem.class, EnergyNet.class, NetworkHelper.class I have uploaded the 3 classes in a tiny zip file here: ic2 api class fix There is nothing dangerous about these files - they merely change the path and are just a patch (not the whole ic2 mod). To fix the IC2 Tekkit 3.1.3 crashing, do the following: 1. Stop your Tekkit 3.1.3 server (if not already stopped...or crashed ) 2. Go to your Tekkit server mods folder 2. Find the file called: "industrialcraft2-1.103-mcpc1.2.5r2.zip" 3. Open the zip file and go into the ic2/api directory (no need to decompress it - just edit directly) 4. Delete ElectricItem.class, EnergyNet.class, and NetworkHelper.class 5. Download the class fix .zip in the above link 6. Copy the 3 classes from the downloaded zip and paste them into ic2 zip api folder where you just deleted the others 7. Close your ic2 zip and start your server. It should no longer crash relating to this specific interface fix. (It may crash for other reasons, however.) [NOTE: This change is only for 3.1.3 installs, not 3.1.2] My server seems to be stable on 3.1.3 with the Nuclear Control update and the attached fixed ic2 classes, including with working Rotary Macerator, etc. I didn't have to delete any advanced machines, downgrade, or reinstall. Also, I haven't really been screwing around with RailCraft, so I can't comment on that issue. I just wanted my automated quarries to work and for the server to be stable. Finally, my feedback to the Tekkit team on the 3.1.3 release would be that, even though this is an IC2 mod issue, 3.1.3 isn't really a viable "final release". As we have all seen, 3.1.3 doesn't work and there should have been more due diligence and integration testing before pushing it to the public (such as including working Nuclear Control client/server mods which were already released). The upgrade was, no doubt, disappointing for many Tekkit users who wanted to try to upgrade from 3.1.2. Also, it is far beyond the average user ability to be able to install IDEs, decompile and recompile java files, or even set up the required mod build environment with MCP and all the necessary includes (or even understand what was happening to cause the crash in the first place). So, it is in the best interest of all concerned to do a little bit better review, especially given the complicated and diverse mod synchronization and interactions involved in any intended release. Hope these posts help get most of you up-and-running on 3.1.3. Thanks to Jelato above who saved me some time and no offense to the IC2 modders. (But, it would be nice to have an official MC1.2.5-based fix for 3.1.3. Or, maybe someone wants to rev the 3.1.3 Tekkit client/server installers to 3.1.4 with modifications posted to this thread, perhaps with a RailCraft fix, as required.)
  15. ...and there's nothing to "install" really. You just have to delete and replace zip files in the mod folders on server and client. Very easy.