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  1. Hello! I heard there was a duplication glitch with the advanced solar generator that you can get more advanced solar generators from. If you guys know how to do this can you please tell me? PLEASE NOTE that I am not going to be taking advantage of this! This is out of sheer interest.
  2. That sounds awesome! Are you able to just copy and paste the code?
  3. Well that may be true with single player saves, but my friends have a tekkit server set up. Although i'm sure there is a way to update and keep the world; maybe even the condensers! :-)
  4. chef109


    I feel like one of those elemental arrows mod things would go good in the game. The would accent the magical aspect of EE and some of them would be awesome in an archangels smite.
  5. Getting rid of condensors will deinently throw off everything i have worked on in every tekkit world in my saves file but no biggy!
  6. You sure? I heard from a friend that they were just renaming them.
  7. chef109

    Story Line

    Am i wrong in saying that tekkit needs some sort of story to it? Something like the quests in millionaire or something like that. It gives them something to do when they just cant think of anything.
  8. Wow have we ever got off topic
  9. If somehow you could make the MK3 automatically fill in the holes it made with the junk blocks it got from digging that would be awesome!
  10. It would by heavily frowned upon by the general public and it would give parents more reasons to not let their children play it. Plus, you know, tekkit/technic does have a rating in most video game/movie review websites and adding that would most likely raise it.
  11. I suppose you maybe right on the aspect of EE. You already have power flowers which generat a massive amount of that.
  12. I do know where he is coming from with this request. All the turtles do is collect resources. Plus with this would also be better than any of those mods with mobs that do that stuff such as mining colony because you can make robots a lot more powerful than mobs and still be realistic. If you were to make some tank of a mob it would be like some sort of super human which most certainly is less realistic than the robots.
  13. Maybe have it so that some how if it runs to long nonstop it will explode in a large nuke sized crater. That way you are only able to run a certain amount of time at once, therefore, you are only able to make a certain amount EE/EU at one time.
  14. What do you use to distribute items 50/50 between Pneumatic pipes?
  15. chef109

    Castle Project

    I love to build! Do you go on any servers?