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  1. IGN: t195 age: 17 how long I play: lots on weekends, but limited during the week. why I want to join: I like the small community idea, and the fact that only mature players will be here really draws me to it. I like the idea that I can trust everyone and everyone will be friendly. favorite build: I love to make open air homes, like campsites or open shelters. I am usually a builder so I like to beautify landscapes and make not necessarily massive buildings but rather nice architecture. I don't like boring square houses is what I'll leave it at about myself: I'm a student, programmer, but also interested in graphic design. probably explains why I like games and why I like building things.
  2. IGN: t195 Age: 17 Tekkit experience(1-10): 9.5 Time Zone: GMT -8 (west coast USA) How much time do you plan on playing per day? not a lot daily but I would love to have a place like this to play on my free time and on weekends The build you are most proud of? I played on a small private server similar to this and single handedly built a massive nether base as like a nether safe ghast-proof spawn area. they consisted of massive space-needle like towers connected by long hallways and I was really proud of the outcome because it did take me a really long time. I usually like to plant a home far away and quietly use EE (because it's frowned upon..) to get a bunch of mats to build stuff like that to help out others and beautify the server. not that I don't make a lot of tekkit machines but I do prefer to build. Why do you think our server is right for you? continuing from there I just want to have a fun place to build and on a quiet, whitelisted server like this I think I would be able to do that.
  3. looking for small server, I play on weekends west coast usa.
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