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  1. hey are u stop playing @ emolg`s server ?

  2. Ingame username: KiwiNZL Age: 15 Are you experienced in tekkit? Yes, nearly a year of playing Do you wish to play on cubenation? Of course We are also looking for staff, are you willing to help?(optional) Maybe after a while on the server
  3. Minecraft Username: KiwiNZL Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Nope What do you plan to do on the server: Build stuff, meet people, help people and have fun Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: About a years worth of Tekkit experience
  4. IGN KiwiNZL TIMEZONE GMT +12/11 (Changes due to daylight saving) AGE 15 EXPERIENCE Played tekkit for about a year REASON TO JOIN To meet new people, and to have fun :)
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