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  1. It depends if you're hosting on Linux or Windows. You'd need 4Gb to be comfortable.
  2. My server is similar, basically just disabling the use or crafting of OP EE items for gathering and generating resources. These are obviously condensers, collectors, the 'Nova Cats', Cat lens and Trans Table/Phil Stone. These are disabled via the mod_EE.props file (except the phil stone which is via PEX) From what has been allowed, players are able to craft enabled items themselves, the only problem is they cant make DM / RM with the phil stone so I've created an 'EE' room where players can make use of auto crafting which will convert coal > alchemical coal > mobius > aeternalis which they can then use to craft DM / RM in order to craft other EE items. In that same room they can use the same setup to craft interdiction torches. So basically, people can get by with the phil stone, also they can charge their klein's using tungsten ore or whatever in the relays i've placed at spawn. Also, do use ShowCase as its not necessary to have an economy plugin, it can be purely used to display items as it has a '/scs display' command u can use. edit: So basically this allows ur players to be MORE self sufficient. if you wanna check it out, feel free to PM me for the IP (I dont wanna place it here just incase its deemed as server advertising) FYI the server is hosted in South Africa.
  3. You can make use of a permissions plugin like PermissionsEx and ModifyWorld to prevent them from targeting you.
  4. Re: Tekkit + WorldGuard + Fixed Bukkit = Good Times! Looks good. Which version of WG is that ? --- EDIT:I upgraded my to Tekkit 3.0.3, its working! Just dropped the jar files in. Simple! If you do add items to the LWC config as requested by someone else below that would be great.
  5. Eeew BC pipes! No worries, everyone starts with BC pipes. But If you're wanting to do some bigger systems that process large amounts with more control, you will want to implement RP Pneumatic tubes using filters and retrievers to pipe items around. To do that, simply place the chest with ores to be macerated. Right next to it, place a Filter (no Blutricity required) Place a lever (only for demonstration purposes / testing) right next to the filter. (Ideally: User a Timer with Red Alloy Wire running into contact with the Filter) Place Pneumatic tube from the output end of the Filter to the top side of the Macerator. Note: To get the filter pointed the right way, use a screwdriver.
  6. I tried the ported version of Bukkit available by the OP twice, it didnt work. However his fixed class file did!! Soo happy, thanks Xyberviri.
  7. If you use PermissionsEx and ModifyWorld (like I do) you can prevent people from having items with - -modifyworld.items.pickup.27584 - -modifyworld.items.have.27584 Using the Arcana ID ^ I've disabled the crafting of EE items on my server, the only item which cant be disabled in that way is the Phil Stone for which I use the above. It causes 'member's to drop the item.
  8. If anyone is running a Tekkit server with Towny / Pex / ModifyWorld with Turtles working is willing, please consider sharing what you know with me :D
  9. So, I just recently setup a Tekkit server. An interesting and time consuming exercise, but rewarding! Recently, I spoke to another Admin running a Tekkit server for an ISP, So I presume that he administers servers for various other purposes on a regular basis and hence, should know what he is talking about. (assumption!) When visited his server I came to find that ComputerCraft Turtles are working. I asked how. All he offered to say was "Lemme give you a big tip, dont use ModifyWorld" or something like that... I've made basic use of using MW and I like it, it's relatively easy. It's neat for the purpose of having a grey-list server. However, I only have BC Quarries and RP Block Breakers working, I cant assign names to all the turtles in the PEX permissions.yml So, back to my question, why would it make sense NOT to use MW, is there any impediment brought about?
  10. I've been searching high and low, both this and other forums and I really need someone to help make easy iro assigning perms using PEX / WorldGuard/ Towny/ Modifyworld by sharing their perms.yml for PEX I've created a machines group to which the major mods get categorized under with full modifyworld.*, towny.* incl others which werent necessary as the PEX debug showed its just towny and modifyworld blocking [ComputerCraft] Turtle 30: from breaking blocks.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you. Just spent the whole day wracking my brains trying to get where I am. I'm happy to report that I'm finally starting to make some kind of headway with 'Perms' thanks to this very link. Start here
  12. That would be really nice I'm busy with setting up a Tekkit server now. I've never done any type of server or even vanilla MC server. The amount of plugins and the required configuration is certainly a bit overwhelming to begin with. Something like what you're planning and or doing will be a big help.