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  1. holy crap its coming back up FINALLY TEKKIT WILL BE FUN AGAIN + is it the old or resiruction its being mad eon?
  2. i am reporting lord puppy8 he/she jailed me for calling he/she gya when he/she called mee gya then made me fall into the void and i cant find my base and have nothing
  3. I am applying for the rank of Moderator. I have played this server for almost one year and this was the first ever tekkit server I went on and it will always be my favourite. I hope that if i got the rank this is ways I could help people if I got this position are:giving friendly advice, being strict but fair about the 1: If someone griefed my base I would not ban them because it is a PVP grief server and that would abuse my 2: If someone was spamming they would receive a 10 minute mute, after this they would receive a 15 minute one and then a final 1 hour ban. If they continue to to do this then I would contact an Admin to discuss further actions also i am goood at speeking with other i accept getting a no WHY I WANT TO BE A MOD i want to be a mod becuase i have been playing for almost a year i am good at building /stopping people conplaining. HOW WOULD U MOD THIS SERVER I would help people that need help i would help building spawn ect WHATS YOUR EXPERIANCE OF BEENIG A MOD well i have been co owner on some because of my building and helping skills:) i have beening mod then admin on servers by wokring hard not spamming cna i get mod and talking with admins i hope u will accept this azers12345678
  4. will someone pls unban stuflo it would amke my life a whole lot easyer he nevere did anything werong on the best server to exist