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  1. No. There isn't and won't be. The team wants the donations to go to the modders, no matter how simpering they may be.
  2. The Mojang Devs, and the actions of companies you submit false DCMA's to aren't the law. If I wanted to I could issue a DCMA to your own personal IP right now. The only law is what the court decides. Take someone to court. I'd suggest you start with small claims. Here's information for it in your state: http://www.courts.wa.gov/newsinfo/resources/?fa=newsinfo_jury.scc&altMenu=smal
  3. What, this? 08[01 7:01 pm] <CovertJaguar> it should be noted that until you meet my reqs, I will be quite displeased if I see a modern version of railcraft in one of your packs That's not ambiguous at all! Also, I'm right. You have no legal ground. IF you do, then serve me papers. Otherwise, stop being a child.
  4. There is no legal ground that I have to do anything when it comes to his mod. It's posted on the internet. It's a mod, not a product. You seem confused.
  5. If covert can't prove what he says, why should Technic have to prove anything it says. If it says it has permission, then that's good enough. Covert should put up or shut up. Oh, and here's the conversation in forge about using things wiether you like it or not: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/lexmanos-vs-flower-child-forge-is-now-run-by-nazis.32725/
  6. Prove it. Post the PM. Post screenshots of every pm you sent if you want anyone to believe you. Shouldn't be too much to ask, I mean, you do the same with your permissions lists. I'll use his mod wiether he likes it or not. I believe that is the offical stance of the forge folks these days!
  7. Then why haven't you exercised your expertise pro bono for this man?
  8. He won't. He's not getting his ego stroked enough to post.
  9. The problem is Covert is right. No one has any respect for him. He's a wailing manchild. He'll never get respect, no matter how many take down notices he serves, now matter how man DRM tricks he tries, no matter how many times he goes forestry on packs using his mod. No one respects a child.
  10. Covert, if you're ready to take more drastic actions, then please do! My personal information is easy to find, and I'd love for you to put some legal weight behind your batshit insane restrictions! Serve me papers or shut up.
  11. I don't know. Call me paranoid, but this coupled with the change in the mod pack TOS put in place half a month ago, along with the changing attitudes of people that hang out on that modder's TS doesn't make me feel comfortable at all.
  12. The last thing this place needs is a FYAD. edit: Cause MCF is FYAD. GET IT? :getin:
  13. That is a very good post, Eric. I think you sum up a lot of the end user sentiments, particularly among server operators.
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