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  1. Brad, I've been wanting to do somethin just like what your talking about. I'm a pretty good builder and know a lot about Tekkit. I want to start a company that builds houses, bridges, statues, and other structures, and maybe build a rollercoaster or two, and a brewery. I'm up for helping you or anyone set up there machines and what not too.
  2. hey man. made a skype account, which I'm substantially unfamilar with. VikingBasalt is the name, idk if that's all ya need for contact. Can't really do nothin right now, as I worked a 12 hour shift 4 hours ago and need some friggin sleep lol. I'm off tomorrow tho so I'll be lookin to join the server and what not in 10 hours or so. Hope you got a nice volcano somewhere :P

    1. KingGorillax


      i added you man, hit me up on skype whenever you got time.
  3. Hey people. I want to join a tekkit server with a few people and build some machines and crazy stuff. If ya need a sarcastic, joke cracker who does mediocre accents and weird voices, I'm yer guy. my brother says I'm like the american Honeydew, difference being, I also know a lot about tekkit. stuff I've always wanted to try in tekkit includes: -building a railcraft amusement park -building a brewery -building a giant viking ship to live in -trying to live in the nether for a bit -transform a volcano into a dragon and living in it for awhile -yeah, I want to live in a lot of stuff, what of it? I have a mic and can make a skype account or whatever if need be. timezone is -5 i think, not sure. I'm 20 and work in 12 hour shifts. 2 days on, 2 days off, and so on like that more or less. in-game name is Mr. BrickaBricka
  4. Hey skrubs, saw you wanted some friendly players for a tekkit server. My ingame name is MrBrickaBricka, I'm 20. I play 3 or 4 days a week cuz of my job. I want to build a brewery in a viking ship and an amusement park with some railcraft nonsense. time zone is -5 I think. USA. I have plenty of minecraft and tekkit experience.