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  1. I'm here because i'm looking for a tekkit group I'm so bored of single player and i'm a reasonably good player I know the basics and i'm willing to learn other fields of tekkit I'm 14 ( But I'm more mature than most 14 year olds.) I play pretty often but highschool is coming up so I might have to cut down a bit My skype is skittlesinwow

  2. Hey skrubs, saw you wanted some friendly players for a tekkit server. My ingame name is MrBrickaBricka, I'm 20. I play 3 or 4 days a week cuz of my job. I want to build a brewery in a viking ship and an amusement park with some railcraft nonsense. time zone is -5 I think. USA. I have plenty of minecraft and tekkit experience.

  3. Description - Looking for friendly players who have an interest in building a great community. On the server we do both solo builds and group projects. The server is standard MOD pack. At this time nothing is disabled or added. Current Map status - Fresh Restart as of Dec 24 0800 Rules 1. No Griefing 2. No being annoying on TS3 4. No PVP unless welcomed by the other member How to get on the server The sever is white listed however instead of filling out some stupid long form. You will need to PM me on the forums. I will send you the TS3 information, myself and another member will talk with you on TS3. Some questions we may ask 1. Age - must be 18+ 2. Time zone 3. Frequency of playtime 4. Past build experience in tekkit ( you do not need to be a professional) Hardwave The server is run on a dedicated server box and is up 24/7 along with TS3 3.2 Core 2 dou 16G of DD3 Ram
  4. Looking for 2-3 people to play with on my 24/7 dedicated server w/ TS3. The server is going to be a fresh restart. Must have TS3 and must be 18+, looking for people who play a lot and have decent building skills. PM if you are interested.
  5. A friend of mine, and I have started a new Tekkit server, and would like to invite approx 8 other people to play Server is Dedicated 24/7 No lag, we also have a dedicated 24/7 TS3 (must have) The Server consists of: Standard latest version of Tekkit World Edit / World Guard The world Guard is only for your primary home, we are a private small server with only 10-12 people so in all honesty you should not need any more protection than that. The only reason we have it is so no one destroys anything by accident. We are US East, and are looking for active players This is not a pvp server, so if you are interested in pvp this is not the server for you, each player is free to do as they wish, we will have group projects, and solo. As far as EE goes some items will be removed, once we have everyone on board, we will hold a vote each map reset, on what items / EE we want disabled etc. If you are interested please send me a private message and I will give you the TS 3 information.
  6. Still looking for a few more people who wish to play on a small 10 man priv server. This server is always running, and only has standard Tekkit installed, no additional plugins. We are looking for active players who would like to do some solo build, and also some group projects. Must be mature, and able to use TS3
  7. Looking for 8 other players to play on a private server my friend and I just set up. It is a regular Tekkit server, no additional mods. Must be mature, have TS3, active, we are US East but you do not have to be. Please message me if you are interested, we will want to talk with you on TS first.
  8. I am looking for a few people to play with privately I currently play on my Eve alliance's server, but no one else is playing on it, due to GW2. I have voice comms and could download skype if need be. I am 32 and mature, and just interested in standard play, not really into pvp or anything. If you have a server to play on that matches what I am looking for please send me a private mail on this forum. Thank you! - Number of people desired 1-5 - Active time zone and times I am US Eastern - Activity level (hours/day or week usually active) Daily - Any inactive mods/items you may have looking for a server with standard tekkit pack
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