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  1. Name: Tanner Minecraft Username: MrWizardGorlock Age: 17 Preffered Tekkit Mod: Computercraft, redpower Are you banned in any server(Y/N): No
  2. Title: NEI disappears in-game Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 8 Java Version: 1.4.7 Description of Problem: Nei doesn't appear in multiplayer or singleplayer. I can't figure out anything that works, It only worked the first time, I have been playing for months and still no NEI. Error Messages: none Error Log: None
  3. K im trying to add the alien verse predator mod to tekkit lite please get back to me. I also dont know which forge to use it just says forge?
  4. Cause i cant get them to upload correctly. ANd i really dont feel like having to go through and set up more accounts.
  5. I will post a map if one more person asks for it and i get 500 views if not its not worth my time in setting up the account for it all.
  6. I am having this same problem and its driving me crazy!!!!! I have a windows computer though. it always says fml is trying to make changes then they all fail.
  7. If you guys can tell me how. and ya thta would be cool!
  8. ooh i like the rail connective network... oh and ive taken to calling it the U.N.C. Compound because we deal Uranium, Nuclear, and Coal!
  9. K so this is what I have so far. 3 Buildings 1. The Main Outpost. 2.The Control Room. 3. The Quarry Operating center. (All buildings linked by teleporters in control rooms teleporter room.) 1. The Main Outpost. Here we have a building built into a hill. I made all my buildings out of reinforced stone. It has three levels, the main level the level below is the machines level linked by a teleporter and the level by bedrock housing the nuclear reactor which is connected by elevator tracks with a fully functioning retrieval and elevating system ran through terminals. 2. The Control Room here we have the mainframe of computers which is pretty much just lights as well as i can turn on any system i need to. We havea dormitory with 2 beds right now since its just me. a telegraph room housing a computer with a messaging system(still working out some bugs), a nuclear control room, and a telegraph room these are all connected by a hall way. at the ends of the two hall ways are two larger rooms. one housing the mainframe the other an observatory to outside.(lil vitamin d ) 3. The Quarry Operating center a room with a large entry way blocked by a forcefield it house several quarrys underneath and i expect to add more. and thats pretty much my base so far give me some ideas!!!!
  10. build a living complex complete with a courtyard pristine living quarters. Have all the buildings and paths marble. and make it huge where it could fit 1 room for every person on your server and make the rooms like something ina hotel that would be awesome! and if you dont mind id love to come play been looking for a small tekkit server to play on.
  11. So I tried fraps. It sucks you have to buy it and if not vids can only be 30 secs long. I guess ill try hypercam. and also give me some ideas on things to build just throw it out there!
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