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  1. when i load put the technic launcher i can go on the different mod packs, but when i try to load up the tekkit mod pack it gets to 100% no update for tekkit found what should i do?
  2. age: 13 ign: mushroom24_7 why do i want to play on this server: the community looks nice and i wanted to find a tekkit server wasn't so restricting. what do i want to build: well i have a few ideas like a mansion & an estate, possibly a labyrinth and a underground city additional: I dont really know if there is a difference or not but so far I've only played on tekkit classic not this, so a lot of things will be new to me.
  3. IGN: mushroom_7 Have you ever been banned from a server: nope What will you do on the server: i have a few project ideas but think i'm gonna build a mansion first Why should you join Equestria's Minecraft server: i try to be a mature, responsible & helpful player, but pother than that i'm completely random and come up with insane, but awesome ideas!
  4. mushroom24_7 14 never been banned build a mansion and bar just started playing tekkit but played technic for 5-6 mounths