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  1. I'd reccomend 1.0.10. It's as stable as it gets and IMO it's just a better pack than beta 2. (sorry guys! )
  2. Yeah, so you don't modify jars anymore, just grab this version and throw it into %appdata%/.technic/modpacks/hexxit/mods
  3. Answering my own question, Optifine Ultra C5 seems to work fine for me with Hexxit 2.0.1. Everything is beautiful again. I guess this might help other people.
  4. Is there an Optifine version compatible with this beta?
  5. Oh and here are crash logs: http://pastebin.com/ZbZTGEYg http://pastebin.com/6NiiEtRb
  6. So what happened was I went down, tried to kill a skeleton that spawned and my client crashed. Restarted the game, tried to destroy the spawner and the game crashed again. I'd love to provide more info, but the save got corrupted and now my world is gone.
  7. My game tends to crash around spawners in Roguelike Dungeons and it can corrupt a world. Be advised.
  8. NEI isn't much help in this case. I figured out two ways to obtain refined steel. First - put your steel into enrichment chamber. But hey, you need refined steel to create enrichment chamber! Second - put compressed carbon and enriched iron into metallurgic infuser. Sounds good, cause compressed carbon and metallurgic infuser are possible to create. But what about enriched iron? Well, to make it you need enriched alloy and iron dust. And how do you make iron dust? With enrichment chamber, of course. I believe some kind of evil genius created this mod ;/
  9. Actually there's hardly any documentation and there's a lot to explain. I just tried to create Enrichment Chamber but I need refined steel for this, and the only way to make refined steel I could figure out uses Enrichment Chamber...
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