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  1. we already have missiles, this is about mods we should ADD and i do know that wireless redstone is indeed compatible. And yeah factory related items would be good.
  2. ok i'll do that and see how it works
  3. yes i made sure i put the contents of the folder directly into the minecraft jar. And i checked and made sure the configs and mods are there. Now whenever i try to use NEI to spawn the items it says No such item with ID#472 or whatever. That seems like a jar problem but i checked and all the class files are there and everything
  4. Two mods that i think would be great is Computercraft and Wireless redstone. Then you could control your immense base from one room! I do know that they are both compatible with IBCM mod and UE. I agree with Slenderman, we should add a gun mod but unlike gman i don't think we necessarily need UE on the guns. But if that is important they could be fueled by existing, or special batteries, Also maybe more types of bullets could be added like the diversity in grenades.
  5. SMP= Anarchy as long as i come out on top SSP= Everyone must live in a stone box and never come out into the light....EVER
  6. Ok, so my problem is that i made the server, it's ported forward and people can join. But whenever i try to put down any mod items they disappear, including items when i try to use them.
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