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  1. I generally liked the possibilities of automation in Tekkit, especially the IC2 Pipe system and its sorting machine. As far as mining goes, there should be something similar to the IC2 miner but with more need for maintenance (maybe like the bore head from railcraft) and the option to automatically transport the items with said pipe system
  2. Here you go: http://wiki.universalelectricity.com/wiki/Coil
  3. I can confirm the Heat Gen Crash Also the Smelting Factory is very unstable and often causes a corrupted world which is very punishing for us on our server as we cant experiment with it. Had to repair the world twice with MCEdit until now.
  4. Good day everyone, I was wondering if there is some sort of Changelog for Voltz builds, as the modpack is updating with great speed and i'd be glad if i could follow the main changes without play-searching the new dev Builds. Maybe the Technicpack team could put together some sort of forum post for the main changes or atleast links to the UE-Plugins that are being used. As an admin of a small server, i'd appreciate that alot. With regards, Signum90
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