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  1. Well, the server is under maintenance as can not run it properly without running it on a virtual server. Sorry
  2. My little pony is for years 6 downwards, it's not meant for your age range to find it amusing. Also it is to do with my server because you said how immature we all are. P.S. what do you mean by spaghetti releasing?
  3. MinecraftX Server is nearly ready to Launch.

  4. i only really go on online servers though

  5. i deleted everything (including my worlds) to do with the technic launcher and it didn't do it then.

  6. You dont just watch the pony show, you love everything to do with ponies.
  7. i tried re installing but it still didn't work

  8. Highly ironic calling us 6 year old as: 1. We are not six year old so we cannot behave like them. 2. You yourself are obsessed with a child's play item. EDIT: Also its not made by "This group of players" its made by just me, you could not possibly have tested the theory as you only came up with it when this server became public and we couldn't have known that you were using nodus because there are multiple hacks for what you were doing.
  9. This looks like a decent server, i have the same problem with no plugins.
  10. This server is unavailable at the moment however it will be on soon.
  11. MinecraftX [Voltz V1.0.4] [PvP][PvE][20 slots](will expand to more as needed) By the way admins will not gift items, or care about griefing so protect your creations as such. IP: minecraftx.co.uk:25620 or Vanilla Voltz Staff list: Gerbil_Guy Joe_Awsome123 xxEliteSgtxx NickDIsEpic Maybe Rare or Special items in chests around the world for you to take. Try to keep the use of anti-matter explosives to a minium. PvP and PvE are enabled. Rules: No Hacking No Exploiting No Glitching No Harassment [Any Kind] No Stealing No Spamming No Raging No Asking for Items or Ranks (I will implement Ranks soon) No Advertising Other Servers Use Common Sense Griefing is allowed. Only build at least 100 blocks from spawn, any closer and i will destroy it. And Happy Crafting
  12. Minecraftx IP:minecraftx.co.uk 20 player server, pure vanilla voltz only. pvp griefing all allowed currently so move out from start.
  13. I have a voltz server ip is: PvP and griefing allowed so build away from spawn.
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