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  1. I got the entire system working using advanced wooden pipes, insertion pipes, diamond pipes, and iron pipes. it looks absolutely insane. thanks for the help!
  2. The liquid transposer works great! Any ideas on how to get the buckets out. i cant use a retriever- idk if theres anything like that in buildcraft
  3. you cant directly pump water into water mills only into water strainers
  4. I am attempting to power water mills, but deployers are not working on the server so I'm trying to work around redpower. The basic set up is watermills. I have water coming out of an aqueous accumulator into buildcraft pipes, and I'm wondering if it is possible to change the water in the pipes into buckets of water to move them into the water mills *i have no use of deployers*
  5. Could you also whitelist my friend IGN pinkd0g145 age: 18 no youtube channel might donate is the server is fun to play
  6. IGN: manbearpig1114 age: 17 youtube channel: none would you donate: depends on if i like the server when its up how much: 5-50
  7. IGN:manbearpig1114 age:17 reason:building tekkity stuff having fun in a good comunity and i already have the forcefield up
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