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  1. theres an old mod called ...toxicraft i think, added chemicals and radioactive goop, liquids that behaved like water but were very damaging...could make glassblocks filled with them that did damage when touched, i would love to have that added for smp use...anyways, i guess ill just have to give people the mods and tell them what to do lol
  2. i have my own personal server im trying to set up. right now its just basic tekkit lite. i would like to have thaumcraft 3 and forestry (ive been watching yogscast and like the whole bee stuff). how would i go about adding them so that other people can play easily? or would i have to manually add them, start a new world of course, and have each person add those 2 mods to their jars?
  3. well as i was getting everything ready to pastebin on here i noticed a second jar file... called tekkitlite...yeah anyways i solved my problem thanks to you in a way. so thank you very much
  4. ok, well ive never used it so what is pastebin, i will get on that after work, but thank you for a start
  5. since the thread i was trying to get an answer in was closed ill try here since it says server help in the title. I downloaded a fresh tekkit lite server and client first of all. i start the server with defaults for testing purposes, and then the client using latest recommended build and no custom mod pack. world loads, i spawn, i op myself. and then it gets tricky... there are no blocks from any mod packs (copper ore etc) and if i give myself soemthing like a tinkering table for the power armor, when i go to place it, it immediately disappears and any extras i had in my inventory also are removed. i dont have a 'permissions' folder...
  6. same here...i have a fresh tekkit lite server and client...i connect to my own server and can place vanilla blocks but if i give myself any blocks from teh various modpacks, when placed, they immidiately disappear, and if i have a stack of say 64 power suit tabels and i try placing one, the whole stack is removed, there is no permissions file or folder, and i am opped
  7. ign: oatmealman1 age: 28 (im old! D:) ever been kicked: nevar! why do i like tekkit: i grew up on legos and stuff...i LOVE minecraft, and tekkit adds critical thinking and planning to the process what can i bring: well im friendly and like helping out wherever i can. i donate too when i have money if the server is good...js
  8. i posted on the forums but would like to get whitelisted asap, oatmealman1, please and thanks!