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  1. Age:19 IGN (In Game Name) Olevider Why Do you want to Play on this Server? Just wanna try to play tekkit again and see what i can do What Do you want to Build? Still don't have any ideis but will try to make something cool
  2. Name: Slavik IGN: Olevider Age/Sex: 19,M Loc./time zone: Latvia, GMT+2 Why this server: Server what i was playing is offline and i trying to find another good server to play. Favorite Mod: IC2, BC, TE. Why should we accept you: Good at making buildings/factoris Record: Clean. One word to describe you: Revolution (find something new for myself every time) Email: [email protected]
  3. Feels like server was destoyed and will never come back... Eagle if u can reply say what happend to it?
  4. i think server auto-restart went crazy again or someone crashed the server so we need to wait till owner gona get up from bed =)
  5. As i see right know server tries auto-restart but if you tryed to make diamond shards with a craft packet stamper then when host gets back and destroy the packet stamper with mc editor then only server gona be normal again.
  6. What is your Minecraft username? Olevider How old are you? 19 In what country do you live? Latvia Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example mcbans.com? No What is your favorite part of Tekkit/Tekkit Lite? IC2, RP2 and BC What makes you interested in Sweden Tekkit Lite? Host is nearby so no lag and can't find good server where i can be for long time and not griefed.
  7. i did install bukket brigde and got essentails full plugin but i have problems to config it with right permissions or maybe i doing something wrong...
  8. Hi i am new here. I got myself a tekkit lite server but i have a problem making (even understandig) how to make permissions on my server. Me and my friends mostly play but sometimes someone starting griefing and cheating with op so i would like to make some changes with permissions but i realy have trouble understang it. And second things which permissions are better Essentials full or Permissions EX?
  9. Angry little Devil

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