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  1. I'll help with the modpack as long as I don't need to know Java. And this time I won't go away for a month after saying I'll help.
  2. Uhm, hey, Ysharma, have you noticed the random spam situation on the server forums? Isn't there a way to deal with that?
  3. :( my java is acting retarded and I can't start up the technic pack. And I was soooo looking forward to Hexxit! T_T
  4. One day 12 hours and 3 minutes as of posting this. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20130621T12&p0=805&fg1=f00&fg2=000&msg=Hexxit+Launch simple version.
  5. I just realised, those constellations for the main page and the Hexxit Welcome page remind me of some old stuff in "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" where when you started you'd have to pick a constellation to guide you, becoming a warrior, mage or "rogue"(whatever it was called, I forget). Hexxit may have a similar class selection. (Did I mention any of this before? My memory is crap XD) It'd make sense, I mean why else have those constellation images made? It'd be awesome if it really had that, soooo awesome. THE AWESOMENESS WOULD BE AN 11 ON THE HALO SCALE OF AWESOMENESS! Taking a class sele
  6. I just can't stop laughing at this post. XD Anyway, from the incomplete modlist, Hexxit seems quite interesting. I just hope that the awesome Hexxit page music is in it. Otherwise it'll be a big letdown for me
  7. I assume the code of the countdown has been solved already, but here's a simple and deciphered version for those who can't crack the code. now to get back to deciphering exactly what HEXXIT is while ignoring the searing pain from my sunburn. Please note that all I did was enter the deciphered information into a time and date countdown maker and hit "create" so none of that is my work except my deciphering which took me 2 days to finish.
  8. Oh my, I've just realised I was MIA for at least a month. Sorry for that! I just read up on what's happened since I was gone, and what I can tell is: Modpack stuff in dev, Andrew still MIA, currently the server is set to mini games and adventure maps, and Ysharma is getting a homework nuke. If I missed anything then tell me. I'm going over to the forums to find out what I've missed there. Good luck all! EDIT: Ok, looks like I missed a russian invasion of the forums. Heh. If only I was here, I know russian and could have provided an extremely accurate translation... though now that I read
  9. Alright. Thanks for clearing that up, now awesomeness will commence with new mods I have never used that do nearly the same thing as RP2 microblocks! XD
  10. Yeah, that does sound kind of boring. Though, with all the other mods, you can still go out and do other stuff while you wait on that, just make some iron armor and that kind of stuff and go exploring, find new things. Cutting RP2?! Please tell me you have plans to add another microblock mod in the future if you remove RP2, it's important in my build style.
  11. Not signing a post, just quoting someone XD Anyway, sorry again for not being able to help with the IDs, if I had know it'd have taken like a week or so to do all this stuff and I would have no free time to do this, I would've never asked to help, so as to avoid disappointing everyone who was counting on me to actually do something helpful for once...
  12. Oh, sorry for being afk for the past week or so, guys. Been kinda crazy with mah bro's wedding and my dad's birthday and all. I'll get to the IDs ASAP, Ysharma. I still have a few other things to do before I can get to that, but it'll be done when I can get it done. In the words of Draven... "Draven, out." -Draven
  13. I'd configure some ids, Ysharma. Just tell me what ones to configure and how to configure them, and I'll do it. Seems like bit by bit means letter by letter... Considering the fact that I've been asking for a thread update since the last thread so that it includes Drake Co. but neither you nor andrew have ever updated it upon being asked to do so. So, to avoid further disappointment, this will be the last time I ask. Could someone please update the thread to include Drake Co. in the companies list? If not, then fine, I'll go unnoticed, but if I end up being the one lone guy who constant
  14. That sounds like a LOT of work. More of a metric crapton than any other amount of work that I can think of...
  15. No, it just turned itself on after about 10 minutes after I got on my computer. Sorry if it messed something up, though. Oh crap oh crap oh crap, Ysharma, it happened again!!!!!! I need to close out that window when I'm not using it! Then I can prove I did nothing! D: :'( Hope the FTP didn't glitch again for you. Sorry.
  16. Uhh... Ysharma... I'd suggest taking a look at the server email, there's something important there. Also, maybe you should check the server log...
  17. Oh, by the way, Ysharma, I sort of do have my own server to run as well, and my friends have been bugging me about getting it running again. Would it be possible for me to switch between my server and TBR every once in awhile? Because I used the server host for both... Plus, hamachi is laggy and I can't port forward. Get back to me on this, please.
  18. My friend Jedd signed up for the forums, but it won't send him the confirmation email. It's the same problem as FlamingSock had. Mind helping him out, Ysharma? EDIT: His username is Jedd, so it shouldn't be too hard to find. He also failed at signing up alot before, so there may be other accounts like cooljedd6 or cooljedd1. EDIT 2: Good thing you removed fossils and archaeology, Ysharma, it won't let me join the game!
  19. Hey Ysharma, you said something about configuring ForgeIRC, how exactly would I do that?
  20. You need the config fix. Ask Ysharma about it, because I can't put the file up for download.
  21. Noticed that Drake Co. is still not in the company list. Anyone mind updating it to include us? Also I'll be on in a bit if I can get the modpack to work. EDIT: I found out what was wrong, wasn't using the beta build! XD EDIT Again: I crashed instantly when I joined the server. I'll try the config fix. IT WORKED!
  22. A Lot, Andrew is still MIA, and Ysharma is apparently in charge in his absence, and I started hosting the server, but I still can't connect because my TBR is bugged. I guess the PC version broke for me or something. Anyway, that's about all that's happened I guess. Someone else can probably tell you everything else that happened while you were gone. Now I'ma go before I fall asleep on my keyboard. XD
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