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  1. Can I be whitelisted too? Couldn't figure out how to pm you, so I'm posting it here.

    IGN: Sonirbymon12

  2. I'm sorry I'm being impatient, but I just applied on the website, and wanted to know if I got accepted because my e-mail is a train wreck right now thanks to my sister getting back at me with spam. I'm being impatient because the last server I was on that was perfect for me closed 3 months ago. Right now I'm simultaneously exited to get on another server and bored for not playing with other players for literally 1.5 months due to trying to find the right server, and failing.
  3. I dont mean to be pushy or rude, but can you look at my application?

  4. I can't remember if I already posted a whitelist app 4 this server.....if not, then here it is Minecraft username: Sonirbymon12 Bans: I got banned once, but it was a misunderstanding and I worked it out w/ the server owner. Plans: I plan to have fun with other people! Experiance: I have some experience (only because I watch the Yogscast). I am also really good with water physics. I hope to have fun on your server!
  5. White list application 1.) * Minecraft username: Sonirbymon12 2.) Country/TimeZone: California, USA 3.) Age: 16 4.) * Do you agree to the rules? Yes 5.) What interests you about our server? I just want to learn about tekkit w/ other people, and I think this server is what I'm looknig for.
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