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  1. IGN:turtlelink AGE: 10 :/ Skype: puckied.turtlelink What i want to do: i want to find a nice server to play on this seems great.
  2. Username: turtlelink age: 18 Why tekkitopia i want to join a server without greifing strait up Your secret code: 10tur
  3. Found a way to dowload the server itself: http://www.hackslashmine.net/hsmwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
  4. turtlelink 15 U.S.A May-by but that's only because people were accusing me of grief, and i swore it wasn't me Well honestly my favorite item is the quarry/builder to me those are cool items yes Just that its a normal tekkit light sevrer that isn't like any ontheres were spawn is copletely torn apart and EVERY single person pvps and greifs
  5. Hello fellow NaNocrafters welcome to NaNocraft This is turtlelink here to say We are looking for ops! and if you could help me could someone tell me how to add plugins? But,back to bussiness since this is a new server i am the only that is currently on here are hamachi networks: tekkitlight tekkitlight2 tekkitlight3 there are no passwords and dont worry the server will NOT lagg as much as you would think the only lagg there is is when ur logging in and when you first spawn Remember we are looking for ops and again pls tell me how to add plugins .
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