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  1. This server is no longer open!!!! Due to Coffee having to go on deployment we have dropped this server as the admins dont have time to run 3 servers.
  2. Quick Bump and update to the server info! Coffee_Nutz has gone on a Military Deployment and I will be helping his Moderators and Head Admin take care of the server. We're currently in an undertaking to remodel and make some server decisions regarding player amount, website use, ect ect. Feel free to put in an application and keep an eye on this fun custom modpack.
  3. Server is running ForgeBukkit with Factions and a few other "plugins" to help make Admins job easier. In order to be moved up from Unregistered rank to do stuff you need to visit Enderworld.Enjin.com and fill out the application form.
  4. So me and my buddy are running a server for VOLTZ setup and have run across an issue while using the ForgeBukkit where none of our members are able to use any commands. Keeps telling them that "You do not have access to this command." Even though they have the permissions setup under the proper title and such. Hoping to find some help with this as we're loving having the server, but miss the ranks and such that bukkit lets you setup. Below is a link to the permissions.yml file inside the permissionsex folder that we are using. http://pastebin.com/JeQTtzUk