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  1. I'm 19 years old, So I want to play with some more Mature players, But defiantly have some fun. I don't mind how many people your server has as long as it's quite small so we all get to know each other and have some good times. I Don't have a job at the moment so I can play on any Timezone and however long everyone else plays. I enjoy to incorporate every aspect of Tekkit there is, so the fewer the banned stuff the better, I also believe TNT and Nukes can make a server more fun, Not to just constantly Blow each other up but to have Small Cold wars and pranks. I do Not have a Mi
  2. Skype Name: What_Turtle IGN: Shetler122 Experience in Tekkit: Havn't played to long, but I know a good bit of the game, I watch a ton of guides and I try to use all the items I can find. Can you host a server: I may be able to, but it would only work when I'm online. So probably not the best idea Are you funny: Ehh kinda hard to judge yourself on these things, I believe I am, but it all depends on your sense of humor. Do you like Llamas (Most important question): here's a real question hell ya, haha. But hell no lol one spit on me at my uncles farm.
  3. This sever sucks, the mods and owners have nothing better to do than, trap you in blocks and kill you for hours.. Immature and annoying.
  4. Application: IGN:Shetler199 Age:19 Skype(optional): Broke my mic, Ill give it to you once I get a new one. Tekkit experience(1-10):6 Time Zone:EST How much time do you plan on playing per day? A LOT 5+ hours The build you are most proud of? I made a city in single player, With a gas station to get my gas, a bakery to make cakes, Power plant with multiple floors for each power source, etc. Why do you think our server is right for you? Just looking for a small mature server to meet some new people and build some awesome stuff
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