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  1. Hai im an old player that got banned and i was just wondering if you could please un ban me though i didnt steal any alc bags i would like to say im sorry and would like to come back on please. user name is superspots18
  2. Age: 16 Location: Florida,USA Time Zone: -5:00 EST How long have your played tekkit: 7 month's Do you have any past experience moderating a server?: Yup , moderator , admin , owner and jr.mod(>.<) Can you put in atleast 2 hours of moderating the server every day: yes i can put in 6 hours if able Why i wanna moderate: I'd like to moderate on Techcraft because ive been on many other servers with many un - experienced mods and they all struggled very much so i'd like to be a good role model for players on Techcraft. PS: If you have skype Wing_man513 my skype is superspots181 add me to keep me informed/in touch :D
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