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  1. Age:21 IGN : vilereaver41 Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: this server looked quite good as it has alot of replys and views. and i figured because of that. that people saw something in it so i wanted to join and just have fun with the rest of people What Do you want to Build?i want to try my luck at building a futuristic base would of done so in singleplayer but its more fun to play with others.
  2. worst server ever...... I couldnt even leave spawn without bieng spawn camped and when i finally made a small base underground to start some guy came and 1 hited me with a weapon and then i couldnt go back because he was always there prob one of those godlike weapons going around... not to mention no one talked to me when i asked for help....and was told off when i said why does no one help. this server isnt worth it the people who play it are pieces of arrogant shit. DO NOT come to this server find something else. p.s griefing on a tekkit lite server is not a good idea. p.s.s u should
  3. Name: Gabriel IGN: vilereaver41 Age/Sex: 21,M Loc./time zone: Australia/pacific,standard Why this server: white list is good for safety and it seems no one has applied so hopefully i can get a good headstart not to mention no items are baned Favorite Mod: Mystcraft because of countless dimensions you can visit/create where you can have your own private world. Why should we accept you:I am a respectful member and a team player i just want to have fun while making a good town, possibly a city Record: Clean. One word to describe you: Enthusiastic Email: [email protected]
  4. thats because the server needed a reset but the owner was really tired we had still yet to implement auto restarts because we are trying to fix plugins that wont work on voltz....
  5. cant believe the server is growing quite alot XD its really awesome
  6. in all honesty this server is shit new players are ignored as if they dont exist and when they are spoken to its rudely... i bassicaly asked for help and advice and no one even spoke to me even the admin ignored me but spoke to other players... not the type of welcomeing
  7. the only downside to having things unprotected is that new players dont have a good chance to establish themselfs and end up leaving or raging it contribute to the ammount of "this server sucks" not to mention hackers and stuff which is the only downside to that people just grief without playing properly which makes the server dull
  8. sure i wouldnt mind joining if you want a builder i wouldnt mind helping out with that to
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