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  1. i did it i got twilight forest on tekkit lite its easy just put the file in the mods folder easy.
  2. When I run my tekkit lite server it gets stuck at loading nei?? is that meant to happen or is it my pcs fault btw i run it with 1g ram cause thats all i got. sorry about my typing im lazy.
  3. Come back on the server dude its heaps good. BTW ee3 items are banned!!!
  4. Dalton it's audi9 i got griefed to it sucked but i learnt how to use grief protect and i live with a group of fishing peeps called tattsy_ and pj13.
  5. no* Oh sorry im new to forums :)
  6. btw i think windows xp is screwing me up meh i dont now :)
  7. i have a intel atom processor. is that the problem??
  8. but i allocate 1gb but i says 300mb on F3 screen WTF
  9. Really i got no graphics card tho at one stage i ran tekkit with no lag.
  10. Ok, My Computer Is A Crap Netbook but with 1gig Ram i Allocate 512mb and i suffer with 0-4fps with low as hell setting. Also when i press f3 it says i allocated 300mb. btw my pc is a ee pc asus netbook 1000H, i used to be able to play so well but now not as easy. THX A Million
  11. Username: Audi9 Age:13 Skype: audi.bailey Hamachi: I Forgot But I do Have It on my other PC
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