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  1. Date: 09/03/2013 Username: Austin6500 Preferred First Name: Austin (How'd you guess?) Purpose: Im an experienced voltz player looking for a new server to spend all my free time on ^.^ and this server looks better than what I was looking for! =) I hope to see you all on the battlefield! Anything else: Explosives are fun. ._.
  2. Im clueless... Whats been going on with the server? Are you getting more RAM? I saw that the map got reset though. Imo, this is a good idea to get rid of the Infinite Batteries and other cheat items. But, I, and probably many others, would like to keep their homes. I wouldnt want a week of work to go to waste :/ Anyway, i'm anticipating getting back on this server so any info as to when it will start back up would be helpful. Thanks =)