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  1. Have tried a few Legends servers, this is by far the least laggy, and has a good community/player base. Lots of fun and great setup. Find me ingame and ill give ya steak, lol IGN: EvilKilem
  2. First aotbt server ive found running good, no lag with 30+ on. Great Spawn and just great setup. Donation on the way.
  3. IGN:EvilKilem How is the server?:Very Little Banned= Fun Any Suggestions?:I'd Like to see the Marriage Mod Added.ions?:
  4. Oh Adventure time, i found so much goodies in the first few hours, and it just keeps gettn better, the new mobs rock. all the mods work so well together in this pack. Big Thumbs up!
  5. I've played and worked on quite a few servers in my days on M.C. and Tekkit, the staff and setup of this server are Outstanding. I would and DO recommend this server to all who seek a stable and well rounded Tekkit Experience. I do have one suggestion though, the plugin LWC adds some nice protection features and makes Iron and Reinforced doors openable without having an ugly pad or button near. I have a Tekkit ready lwc config if you want to try it out, just ask. Come join in All.
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