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  1. This is exactly what i was also missing. So i checked the config files and it seems like CoFH has been updated but the config in hexxit has not been adapted to the new version until now. (there is a mix of old and new config files) So i set the following options in hexxit/config/cofh/CoFHCore.cfg (not World.cfg): B:ReplaceVanillaGeneration=true B:RetroactiveOreGeneration=true Then i adapted hexxit/config/cofh/world/Vanilla.json to reflect the settings in the old World.cfg file, and it worked! If you set "retrogen: true" for all ores this will even regenerate the ores in all existing chunks! Another issue i noticed is that all battletower chests are empty. I get a lot of the following errors during startup: Battletowers failed parsing or finding Item/Block 4 Battletowers failed parsing or finding Item/Block 12 Battletowers failed parsing or finding Item/Block 3 Battletowers failed parsing or finding Item/Block 86 Battletowers failed parsing or finding Item/Block 360 Seems like the blockids haven't been updated until now? Another issue (which will probably have no impact on Windows systems) is that hexxit/config/LycanitesMobs in the hexxit pack is spelled in capital letters, but the mod expects the directory in lower case (hexxit/config/lycanitesmobs) and will regenerate the directory with default settings on unix systems. (i discovered this issue while experimenting with the weight scales in hexxit/config/lycanitesmobs/lycanitesmobs-spawning.cfg on the server) Otherwise i'm very pleased with the new version! I have been using it for ~1 week now with friends on a server and it was rock stable with no serious issues.
  2. ID: werschi Age: 31 I also would like to play on a mod heavy tekkit server (Forestry, Railcraft, Mo' Creatures) and this looks like the best one i could find! I've already created my own modpack (including ExtrabiomesXL) to test on my own server, but i want to join a server where i can play with a lot of other people, so please add me! thx!