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  1. Age:15 Name:Michael McIntyre IGN:hobo111998 Country:United States Time Zone: central Why We Should Pick you? I have been playing on your server for some time and I find it the best of which I play on and I would love to be a great help to many pepl Experience you Have? Ic2 and buildcraft are my strongpoints in tekkit but I have never been a mod before One Word that describes you? Caring Gender: male
  2. I heard tht mineing turtles use a fake name as the miner all u need to do is lower the permissions for tht name
  3. I would like to apply for admin Resone Im a great guy who loves to help pepole and I am exp in tekkit there are still some things I don't know that I will admit but I would love to see this server grow and not be a greifing ground like another I play on
  4. Hobo111998 Why this server im looking for a server that don't ban usefull items like tnt And almost all of the other ones do im also looking for a fresh start with other pepl as im new to playing online Because I want a good server with good greifing rules in other severs iv lost dimonds So if u could plz add me I would be a great addition to ur server.
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