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  1. Hello, I am 14, My Ign is Jjdawgjj and my skype is the same (I know not original but it is primarily for my gaming ) I would like to join a small, friendly server that I can talk with some people and have a good old fashion play session without all the need to hurry up or protect myself in pvp, I am going to send you a skype request and if I am denied that is perfectly fine just want to see how the servers doing and if I have a possibility to join. Hope I can join you soon :)
  2. Hey I am looking for someone to play with on tekkit classic. I am 14, but I act more maturely than most kids my age :P My Ign is Jjdawgjj and my skype is Jdawg7533. I have a decent mic and I have about an hour or two a day everyday :) I would love to play with you and I hope you take me into consideration

  3. If you would even consider this it would be awesome and I would love to play with you :P

  4. Hey I know this is really late but if you are still looking for someone to play with I am 14 nearing 15, Have played tekkit for almost 2 years now, have knowledge on all the mods of classic and some on space. I am a quick thinker, have a good ingenuity and love to build amazing and giant contraptions. My ign is Jjdawgjj and my skype is Jdawg7533.

  5. IGN: Jjdawgjj I have helped build a few large structures with my friends before but depending on what your looking for I think I could be a great asset to your build. Been playing tekkit for over a year and minecraft since beta 1.4.8
  6. Minecraft Usename: Jjdwagjj Age: 14 Youtube Channel: non-active Would you donate?: Possibly depending on amount How much would I donate?: 5 or 10 dollars a month for 2-3 months, maybe more.
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