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  1. Re-downloading the launcher worked for me.
  2. If I were a UE mod maker, I would NEVER give permission for the scumbag KakerShit to use my mod.

  3. Buildcraft is getting kinda old and obsolete compared to the new and better mods like Redpower.So that means the only reason to have Buildcraft is if you want Forestry, and we all know what happened there...
  4. It's got NOTHING to do with the Anti-Virus, I've checked thrice.
  5. No matter which type of launcher I try to download anything from (The .EXE and the .Jar), it says 'Download Failed'. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Launcher version: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit Version of Java: Java 7u4 Error Messages: 'Download/Update Failed'
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