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  1. I think what he meant was that there's no way to store the full 2kEU that you can produce, unless I'm missing something. No storage device will accept more than 512 and using an HV transformer steps whatever you were producing down to that level (unless something was changed in IC2).
  2. Has anyone tested if a Modular Powersuit with full forcefield strength lets you swim in lava?
  3. Or you can manually update your Forge # to 518 like I did. It's pretty easy, just copy the files from the universal download package into modpack.jar and overwrite.
  4. Yes, although the latest version of Optifine is only compatible with Forge #518, while Tekkit 0.5.7 is using #517. You can manually update it however and then it works with no problems.
  5. I feel like that last bit is misleading. A reactor that can output more than an HV array is typically risky and can't run a full cycle without some player intervention.
  6. Nuclear has always been "underpowered" compared to HV arrays because they don't take nearly as much time or resources to make. HV is absurd to make by hand, you basically NEED to hand build a factory to produce the more common components. The resource cost is also astronomical. Nuclear is kind of a "mid game" power source while you upgrade your infrastructure and materials gathering to the point where you can even think about HV solar arrays.
  7. I'm looking for one or two people to play on my Tekkit Lite server. The server is pretty standard, albeit using an updated version of IC2 to get around the block facing bug. Server is Eastern U.S., and I generally play in the evenings. Server can be hosted all the time if people would actually use it. My friend and I have already gotten a substantial start, but it's still in the early stages tech wise (we're still using geothermal).