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  1. It could be that something didn't get downloaded correctly or was interrupted. Try resetting the pack and loading it again. While it's downloading be sure to watch the console for any errors that may pop up.
  2. Open up the Console and see what's going on in the background. Also post the log files, need something to see before being able to help.
  3. If you are downloading server 0.5.7 then make sure in the launcher you are not set to use the latest build as that will be 0.6.0. Instead select manually choose a build and run against the 0.5.7 version. You shouldn't have any issues then
  4. Follow this post here http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/compiling-a-modpack.40032/ to get the basic idea of how to set everything up. As for the item conflicts etc. I am sure there is a better way but I added each mode at a time and resolved the conflicts as they occurred. Then packaged all of those modified config files up with the pack so whoever downloads would have the exact same item IDs
  5. I had the same problem when trying to host the file on DropBox. No matter what I did it would always load as vanilla. I hosted the exact same zip on my Azure storage account and it worked first time so it may be something with the way dropbox serves the file up. Open up the launcher console while it's loading and see what it says. Also the GuiAPI just needs to be put in the coremods folder.
  6. You can add those in yourself it's pretty simple. I think when I did it there were some ID conflicts i had to resolve but nothing too bad. After that everything worked great. You will also need to alter the TC 3 config file for an existing world so it generates correctly.
  7. Right. You can just add the Optifine stuff in to modpack.jar which is in the bin directory. It will work just fine - that's how I've been doing it.
  8. That's one way of doing it although there is no way a Generator will produce enough EU to run the MF at full speed (will it?). I have a single MFSU dedicated to my MF and Recyclers and it runs flat out. Really if you are at the stage where you are producing scrap and want to create UU (and for that matter have enough scrap to produce decent amounts of UU) you should have enough resources to spare an MFSU. But that's the beauty of all these mods... more than one way to get the job done.
  9. It's also worth noting that although you can run a Mass Fabricator off of an MFE it's not very efficient since it requires about 1,000,000 EU to generate matter (http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Mass_Fabricator) so an MFSU is the best choice with a decent power source keeping it powered. It will churn through the scrap very quickly then. You can also hook the Mass Fabricator directly to the MFSU without needing any kind of Transformer in between.
  10. I use the BuildCraft wrench (http://tekkitlite.wikia.com/wiki/Wrench_(BuildCraft)) by shift-right clicking on the cell. That also keeps the charge in the cell when you pick it up.
  11. I just tried this with a Regular Electric Engine and can verify it does indeed power it and doesn't deplete.
  12. I have both installed: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin>java -version java version "1.7.0_15" Java SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_15-b03) Hope that helps.
  13. I can also confirm it is working for me on Windows 8 with 4GB assigned. I did have trouble initially but updating Java resolved all my issues.
  14. I am not sure why nobody will give you a straight answer - it's a simple enough question. Download the server http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/tekkitlite/Tekkit_Lite_Server_0.5.7.zip Extract in to a directory and take a look at server.properties (open with notepad, notepad++ etc.) The only option you will probably want to mess with here is the server name, world name, white list etc. (if you enable white list you will need to add the player names to the whitelist file that will get created). Run launch.bat and let it generate the world etc. at this point the server is up and running. If you are running on the same machine as your MC client then launch MC and select Multiplayer and just connect to localhost (you don't need to add the port unless you have changed from the default). If your friend is in the same house/dorm/school etc. then he will need your internalIP address. To get that just open a command prompt and type ipconfig and get the IPv4 address (typically unless you have changed the default it will be 192.168.1.???). If your friend is not on the same network you will need to do what's called port forwarding on your router. This will vary depending on the router you have. Take a look at http://portforward.com/routers.htm for your router and follow the guide. Essentially what you are doing is opening the Tekkit Lite server port on the router and forwarding it to your internal IP address. Your friend will need to connect to your public IP address, which will be dynamic unless you are paying for business internet or your ISP has provided a static so be warned that it could and probably will change in the future. However just head to http://www.whatismyip.com to get your public address. Give that to your friend and as long as you have everything setup correctly he should be able to connect. You may need to add an exception to your firewall to. This is all assuming you are running on a windows platform. One thing to note though, unless you have a pretty decent computer running the server and client on the same machine will eventually cause lag etc. but it's a free solution so you can probably live with it. I run both on my machine (4 GB for the server, 8GB assigned to the MC client) and it runs pretty well with hardly any lag. Hope that helps.