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  1. Hey I saw your posts about wanting to play with people, msg me if your offer is still standing. Btw your scootaloo profile pic is awesome (but spitfire is still best pony)

  2. More info would be useful. Would it possibly be chests from the ironChests mod?
  3. So I'm running a custom-built challenge server where all power is reduced by 10, recipes are changed to require more materials, and mobs are incredibly more frequent. The power generation is balanced perfectly to make things difficult, yet not impossible, and is very challenging. However, one of the best (and renewable) fuels by far is biofuel, as players will need to create large farms to sustain hunger anyway, and flax drops an extremely large number of seeds. The problem is, as fuel generation is reduced tenfold, the power required to compress/extract/can the fuel exceeds the power gained, making this method redundant, as biofuel/coalfuel is extremely laborous. I've made somewhat of a fix, by adding a recipe that takes 6 fuel cans to make a bucket of fuel. It's balanced enough so that it's not too much of a gain, but enough that it pays off. However, as biofuel is much cheaper than coalfuel, coalfuel is not as effective as it used to be. So I'm looking for someone who can make a plugin/server mod that will add the ability to fuel combustion engines with fuel cans for a configurable amount for each biofuel and coalfuel. Now, as the differing two don't just have a different item id/metadata, I have no idea how this would be implemented, However I do know that it is possible. And bonus points if you can add the ability to put coal coke into steam engines to burn twice as long as coal. I would appreciate it if someone can design this for me. I'd prefer if it was a plugin, with a config file that can change the amount of fuel given from fuel cans, different values for the two. Anyway, thanks to whoever can do this for me
  4. So I'm bottling my friend's Wifi to save on internet costs

  5. I've been trying to shy away from this sort of stuff, but I'll try. I've a server, Tekkit classic, custom modified, and I'm looking for a partner to play with as my friend won't be able to play as he's going into the military. Looking for someone around the age of at least 18 or 20, some minecraft experience, and somewhat entertaining to chat with. For latency/time zone reasons, I'd prefer if it was in Florida, better if Gainesville. I am a brony, as you may tell by my profile pic, 19, and Somewhat of an outcast- I'm not one to join the herd, so I'm either sitting in the corner, or eating glue. So if you want to join up with me, reply or message me. Also, bonus points if you can name my avatar
  6. Mentos are my drug of choice these days....

  7. Add me to skype, and I'll see about adding you. Skype name: Natesky9 And also, that's not how you spell Rarity, silly!
  8. If you read thoroughly, ALL EE is disabled, and you will also notice that this is a challenge server. That means that all exploits are removed. If you want diamonds, do it yourself in creative, on your own server.
  9. Equivalent Exchange is full of various exploits. To use them is to cheat, plain and simple. Why not just use NEI to cheat items in for you?
  10. Yes, another Duplication glitch with EE. Unless one of them is a phantom copy. Confirm, and we'll keep it in mind
  11. Too many plugins. If you're looking to host around 10-20 people, and you don't have a proper server setup, don't overload it with so many plugins. Tekkit already has a large load with the mods that it carries around, putting [THIRTY-SIX] Extra, unnecessary plugins will only add to the burden. Seriously, cool it with the plugins. As for your choice for some of the plugins, just no. Stop. You don't need that many redundant plugins. 1. Dynmap can be very resource demanding. Use it sparingly 2. Chestshop is your friend. You can replace 6 of your economy plugins with this very simple one 3. Creeperheal will also negate a fair amount of plugins, as it prevents griefing with tnt, fire, as well as natural griefing (creepers, fire, ghasts) 4. As much as I hate Essentials, it has many of the functionality that you're using other plugins for. Get rid of either, and you'll notice a difference. 5. On a well-managed server, you should be running no more than 12 plugins, 80% CPU, 75% total RAM, and 3% of your network utilization. Also, on another note, if you want to tweak your server a bit more... [ONLY FOR ADVANCED WINDOWS USERS] 1. Disable all services not related to crucial processes. 2. stop explorer.exe 3. Only have core services, server.bat, and task manager running Note: If you stop explorer.exe, your WHOLE desktop will be gone. Your desktop uses ~1% cpu, and maybe some Ram, but that, along with many other things, can add about 10% more leeway for your server, when it's needed. Otherwise, it will keep your system cooler. Whenever you need your desktop again, just open task manager, and add new task, then type in explorer.exe But specifically for you, get rid of some plugins. That's your main concern
  12. Well, there you go. Nothing more to it, just the item id's didn't carry over correctly. If you're looking for a solution, There are several classic>lite converters that address this problem Before, there was a bug where converting could make DM pedistals replace cocoa beans on jungle trees
  13. Fine. It isn't a glitch. It's a major Exploit that the mod develpoers didn't intend to happen when they made this mod. I have friends that do the SAME EXACT THING, and they swear to notch that it's not cheating. But when you put in 2 blaze rods, and get back 3, that's pretty cheaty to me. And here's the kicker, it only uses 128 EU to do it. That's 1/4th of a second from ONE SOLAR PANEL. Scale this up quite easily, and you're pumping out a diamond every 4 seconds out of thin air Honestly, if you're already doing this in servers just to get redmatter armor and tools before everyone else, you just need to move on.
  14. As far as I can see, it looks like you havn't stopped the server for all changes/files to be saved. Simply stop the server, then start it up again. Then post back with the results
  15. I propose the authors/developers put a delay on the time you type to the time it actually searches for something. Simply searching "conden" Will make it search: 450 items that have a C 200 items that have a co 120 items that have cond and only the handful of items from there on. By telling it to wait a second after you stop typing to start the search, you can skip about 800 items, almost making it instant, instead of the frame-dropping moment, that will sometimes even miss your keystrokes
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