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  1. Loving it so far, can't wait for a full release, definately to be used by me! The simplicity just makes it elegant, easy on the eye, the kind of thing I could just relax whilst looking at
  2. As a massive fan of Stargate Atlantis, I am unbelievably excited at the chance to build this - perhaps a daedalus/apollo in space - possibly in combat as well
  3. just had a little look around - stunning build so far, nobody on the server though so I have no idea where to really pitch in building wise at the moment
  4. Would love to have a go at building this kinda thing, spaceship builds are somewhat of a passion of mine ever since the days of halo 3 forge ign: MrBrunty
  5. I might be replying to this too late but I'll happily be part of a lets play series Age{Have to be older then 15} 19 years old BandiCam or fraps{You need something that not free][And you need to know how to use it] I use a mac and neither of those are compatible however I do have software for video capture that is adequate Are you mature from a 1-10, Mature enough that I will knuckle down and build, but I will make jokes that some will find immature, 7 would probably do it You Also Need a mic[A good 1] yes i have a microphone Do you swear? yes, but not to stupid levels What are you best at!, I am very experienced using BC, IC machinery and items. If its possible to automate in this game, guaranteed I can do it, also have a good undrstanding of EE, and can use Railcraft if necessary though it isnt particularly useful in the technic pack. Im also studying electrical engineering at university currently making my understanding of systems using red power, especially the logic devices exceptional What do you wish to get out of this! Fun experience in which I can get to know new people and hopefully make a decent youtube series Why would you like to join us, think i explained that in the previous question Are you good with working with other people, yes,