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  1. IGN: ghasloco Skype name: poker-face20 Age: 17 Why you want to join the server: wanna try the mod and i prefer "small servers" with no banned items or only the ones which i dont know how to use What mods you think you'll focus on: Morph, Any building mod, i dont know the pack 100% so i dont know which i will focus on
  2. Age:16 IGN (In Game Name): ghasloco Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: i'm just searching for a really good server (no lagg) What Do you want to Build?: uhmm... a castle, underground base, a really giant house (not soo giant but like 200x200 max)
  3. IGN:ghasloco Age:16 Experience with Tekkit: little bit of everything How long you have been playing for: about 1 year What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): buildings and redstone Why you think you would be a good addition to the server:am not sure if i am a good addition, but anyway, am just want to play with some guys, build a base, have an empire! (BUA HA HA HA)
  4. IGN: ghasloco Age: 15 Tekkit experience: Low experience, only basic stuff Why us?: Want a good server, low number of banned items, good people and learn about the new tekkit
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