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  1. More like they plant a reed farm, harvest it a few times, whack eachother with sticks and break most of the reeds, get distracted, and never go back and fix it. I agree that Yogscast is more for entertainment than actually learning mods.
  2. SO the BWFF is gone now? I suppose it was pretty silly in there, but in a way I kind of miss the sparkly pink background. Or perhaps it never existed. Was it all a dream?
  3. A mace called "Maternity Trick". And the "Stretchy Ring of Broccoli", as well. These names are so ridiculous.
  4. I prefer the Hat of some kinda Egyptian curse or sumthin' It gives you something like -5 to ALL of your stats.
  5. Well, I think that's good enough for me. I just have to run the launcher from the downloads window (I'm using Chrome) instead of a desktop shortcut. Still have no idea why, but I'd call it resolved.
  6. wat. just. happened. When I run the .jar from the downloads page, it shows it's version When I run the .jar from the desktop, it runs as version This is after sending all previous downloads to the recycle bin and emptying it as well, so I'm sure it's the only copy.
  7. http://pastebin.com/gWCRLKdA Most recent log. I did recently switch my ISP, so maybe blame them.
  8. So the launcher will only connect once per separate .jar file download. Why is this? Is there a way to play Vanilla/Technic online without downloading a fresh launcher every time? I don't understand...perhaps my computer is to blame?
  9. Oh god what is happening The launcher now works for a second time, perhaps because this time I adjusted the modselect and checked the remember me box.....? How? Why? I don't know anymore... So, to conclude, the launcher is connecting again, for now, until I finish this post probably.
  10. Er...spoke too soon. It seems I can only login once per separately downloaded .jar file. The launcher wouldn't login the second time, but when I re-downloaded that one worked. And then that one refused to login a second time. Soooooooooooo..............
  11. Well, I deleted the launcher, including old downloads of it and the one on the desktop, and downloaded a fresh copy. I also copy-pasta'ed the lastlogin file from vanilla (which logged in for me, finally). End result: the Launcher connects, and all is well!
  12. Hmmm... Deleted lastlogin, and the launcher changed to "unable to authenticate account". I did try downloading the most recent launcher off the main page, and I'll try that again in a second, but it didn't seem to work. In related news, my vanilla "cannot connect to minecraft.net" also. Also btw Grayson if you need any solution how about throwing your computer out the window and buying a new one?
  13. Launcher/pack Version: 6.0.7 Operating System: Win7 Version of Java: 32 bit Description of Problem: The launcher will not connect to the internet. This started about the time that the MC login servers went down, so I was rather unconcerned. Several days later, the launcher still cannot connect to the web. I have tried selecting a different build, and just now tried downloading the latest .jar launcher version. I am certain the MC servers and such are working; I can log into both vanilla and minecraft.net, the only problem is Technic. Antivirus program: Avast Error Messages: Connecting t
  14. A moment of silence, honoring all the idiots who have come before, and their contributions to the Whale Box.
  15. I am 100 years old.

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