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  1. Yeah, same here. I think there actually isn't any oil at all.
  2. And the Xray we are using is CJB. (Doesn't work SMP) We're not unfair players.
  3. If buildcraft worked with Voltz/Ampz, then it'd be alot easier. Oh and, what layer do you think we should dig at? 5-12 mainly, right?
  4. Okay, thanks alot. me and my friend have been struggling to get oil for the past 3 days. We tried the oil fab, but thats crashes us, and if you pump from it, the server crashes.
  5. Weird. I've been mining at level 10-13 in a straight line for hours. And haven't found a single drop. Is it because I'm still using 2.0.0 (Whereas the owner still hasn't updated) I also believe the tin plate recipe should be disabled by default. It has no usage, and blocks the ability of making Empty cells, and I think it really sucks how you need at least one drop of fuel just for a missile module.
  6. What about the Oil? It seems to spawn nowhere.
  7. Yeah, I think that problem was missed out, all you have to do is in your BasicComponents config disable the ability to craft the tin plate (Whereas it has no big usage) Example: B:"Allow item.basiccomponents:plateTin Crafting"=false The server owner would also have to do it for your config, maybe you'll see the empty cell recipe yourself, but on the server a tin plate would come out since the server hasn't configured it to make the empty cells. Just contact the owner and tell him to do so for his server. On another note. It sucks that MineChem was removed, I really enjoyed that mod.
  8. Allright, I apologize for the bitching from my end. I didin't think it through about the landmarks. Either way, I'll try to apply. IGN - MileStone1 Age - 23 Played since - 1.2 Beta Have you read this whole post? Yes.
  9. Why are Landmarks and Power tools banned? I mean, I do sort of understand why it's banned because the Powe tool has the plasma cannon that can destroy blocks... But... Landmarks? Seriously? You're not gonna let us make our own sized quarries and Fillers? Don't mean to be raging about it by the way.
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