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  1. Minecraft username: Handycap_Ducky age: 15Have you ever been banned, if so why?: nada what do you plan to do on this server: build a gigantic castle with tons of cool machines in it! Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: I have played it for two months now and i know alot about almost everything in it
  2. Name- Ethan. IGN- Handycap_ducky. Age- 12. Minecraft experience- I have played for about a year now. Tekkit experience - i learned of Tekkit about two months ago and know i am in love with it! Time player MC per day- depending what day i will play usally 1-4 hours. Why do you want to join the server- all the other servers have griefers and so many banned items but this one looks like it barely has any.
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