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  1. Alright to make this simple I was making a mod pack with friends and I had a completely working install on the vanilla Minecraft launcher, everything was sorted out and working. The issue came to when I moved it over to a technic pack, big mods like buildcraft, tinkers construct and a few others, they error on startup saying that dependencies of the mod are missing but everything for them is including and working on the vanilla MC launcher. I have included a screenshot of what it says, this is the general message I got for the other mods too. Also the logs are no use, they just say something is missing. Any help would be nice
  2. Name: Reece IGN: rdkillers Age: 16 Location: Manchester Time playing MC: 2 Years Time using mod: 1/2 Years Why I would like to join your server: I have always liked build cool contraptions using redpower and the other mods but never get to show anyone and servers I go are mostly full of griefers. Im am good at making cool contraptions using the frames and motors out of red power and I could setup a nuclear powerplant for people on the server to use. Never been good at ending posts so i'll just end it.
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