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  1. rIGN:1726379897 Age:14 Mod of expertise: Bluetricity, and also im very good with Ic2 and bc, i also know 99.99% of things about thermal expansion Mate Prove that you are an expert of the above mod:Bluetricity: i built a 9x9 frame tbm head that got me so many resources, my world literally wouldnt let me in anymore, it went corrupt. Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: once yes, from a silly little server for griefing, a long time ago. I'm going to not lie, i griefed in Alpha, once, got banned, realized i shouldnt do it, but they put the ban on MCBouncer/ or MCbans, something like that Any other things I should know: I like trains : If you want to skype w/ me PM me :P
  2. Im getting myself hooked up w/ packs and stuff, see you soon
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    oh, yha i know, i figured that out already :P
  4. Username:1726379897, TheDoctor15555Age:14, 15 How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Vanilla, Sense Alpha 1.1.2 (Or at least that is when i bought it and downloaded it for first time), and the doctor sense Beta 1.7.2 Do you know much about Voltz?: We never played voltz itself, but we are used tomost or all of the mods it contains in sepearate times Why do you want to play on this server?: It seems like a good fair Server and we really want to Play on this server, mostly because of its "Highish" Population and fun stature. What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz?: Building a base and using Power tools like a BAWS and the doctors likes industrial stuffz On a added note, if you dont whitelist both of us dont whitelist either of us, we stay Together.
  5. hehe, welcome to the server, i sent you an email containing some InFo

    Also, that profile pic kind of brought me to the point of really wanting you on the server :D

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    No,yes many times,yes,Returns a ping, yes
  7. Thats odd, its your Card. Update Drivers, if that fails then new comp, ive got 512MB And my Tekkit Runs Fine. 100 FPS But also i have a epic video card :D
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    different versions, redownload server for latest Rec tekkit and update client, there you go