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  1. And i put a complaint because no one has the right to go on members profiles. its a direct violation.
  2. Helen Killer or someone is not correct and not respect me to put that avatar in my profile.
  3. I have the same trouble with my tekkit lite server and all the players too since we use the new tekkit launcher to connect on the server. I think something is wrong on the new tekkit launcher.
  4. I asked help on your forum and I received an email saying I was lazy because I said all plugin not working after I install forgebukkit on tekkit lite server. What is that? I am not lazy I asking help. I try to install some plugins on my server like work edit but no plugins work. What should I do.
  5. I have install forgebukkit 1.4.7 on tekkitelite server following the indication. But no plugins worked. What should I do?
  6. I have installed forgebukkit 1.4.7 on tekkit lite but no plugin work.
  7. The converter not working. The same with the java console. The converter dont start. My old map working but not ones from tekkit classic.
  8. Mabbe7

    server crash

    Title: server crash Version: 0.5.1 OS: windows 7 Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: When I am logging on the server I can't log in my map from tekkit classic. Other players and I made a lot of work on the map and on the cities on it. But we can't log on the map. I try with an old map from previously version and it work. How I can go on my map from tekkit classic? (tekkit lite 0.5.7) Error Messages: Error Log:
  9. Mabbe7


    Title: modloader Version: 0.5.1 OS: windows 7 Java Version: java 7 Description of Problem: When I try to connect on my techniclite server the mod loader can't found a lot of mod in the server. I didnt change anything on the server. The launcher maked all update. I have tekkit lite 0.5.2 I think the server never finish the start processus because all the time when I start it he stop a the line where he found con.eloraan.redpower.machine. blocmachine at ID 763 Error Messages: Error Log:
  10. When I start the server (tekkit classic) he make an error: error loading railcraft save data: Not in GZIP format. How I resolve this problem?
  11. I start the tekkit lite server but he stop in the middle of the starting processus. And also the tekkit launcher dont update. So I can't do nothing with tekkit lite. I changed or add nothing on the server. The server can't finish start redpower. He stop at the line: found.eloraam.redpower.machine.machineblock at ID 763 I have windows 7 with 6 Gig RAM. Its a quad (4 cpu + 2 virtual).
  12. Mabbe7


    Title: worldedit Version: 3.1.2 OS: windows 7 Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: when I put a schematic file on my map ( I have a complete virgin map) on my server using wordedit I receive an error message. I discovered this: when I take a schematic on a tekkit server and I try to put on an other map server (tekkit or not) I have that error message. I think that problem is relate to one of the mods. Can you help me? Error Messages: java.lang,arrayindexoutofboundsexecption: (a number) Error Log:
  13. Mabbe7


    Title: launcher Version: 3.1.2 OS: windows 7 Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: The tekkit launcher is not on your website page of tekkit Error Messages: Error Log:
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