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  1. I would have accepted you, but Tekkit Lite doesn't use Equivalent Exchange, so sorry :(
  2. Scipio and 1726379897 accepted, and everyone else, don't try to fix something in your application, we just don't have room for non experts
  3. I'm dragon the first to post plz check my application I'm good at buildcraft and noticed spots in that area I'm not begging I just have been looking for a good server for months and saw this one I don't want to miss this chance to get into a great server. :D

  4. Accepted. Get on ze server and add me on skype if you've got one.
  5. Joe and MrVideoGaming have been accepted. Add me on Skype if you have one, MrVid
  6. Can you re-submit your application using the format above? Just copy and paste. Thanks.
  7. IP: We are looking for skilled people that we can build a factory in survival with. Going to keep this simple: Looking for: Bluetricity Experts(x2) Red Power Expert (Bestboi322) Industrial Craft Experts (x2) (mrvideogaming1 and johnshone) Computer Craft Expert (Need somebody very skilled) Factorization Experts (x2) Thermal Expansion Experts (x2) Steve's Carts Expert (j0e376) Build Craft Experts (x2) Good Builders (Any number) Whitelist Application IGN: Age: Mod of expertise: Prove that you are an expert of the above mod: Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: Any other things I should know: Rules: 1. Don't be an idiot 2. Don't lie to me. If you suck at Industrial Craft, don't sign up for the Industrial Craft spot 3. Don't insult other people on the server. They're here for the same reason as you. 4. This isn't so much as a rule as a recommendation: Please use grammar. Please. Uptime: Add me on Skype @ Jimdude2435. I'll alert you whenever the server is up. Additional Info: After the factory is built, we'll build an office complex (in Creative if we're all worn out from building the factory) and form a "company". People who participated in the build will be opped and get automatic positions in higher up places. Afterwards, we'll open the server to public to give tours to people.
  8. Hi gamed evil like sand man I'm not tying to bug you or anything I just wanted to let you know that I made an application for engineer

  9. Thread title: Application - GameDevil667 How old are you?:16 How often are you available and in what timezone?: Generally all day except for Tuesdays and Thursdays. EST. How long have you been playing Tekkit / Minecraft?: Minecraft, since Beta 1.2. Tekkit, since 3.0.1 Previous bans (include reason): Was online a server during a group grief How did you hear about us?: Just found you on the forums Have you read and agreed to our server rules?: Yes, sirrah. Why would you be a good addition to the server?: Because I'm great with IC2 and BC. I've made high-powered solar/nuclear factories, along with an automated macerating, smelting, and sorting system. I really like how this server looks, and would love to be a part of it. Additional Notes: Fezzes and bowties are cool.
  10. I know we can't have the world DL, but can we have the seed? Pretty awesome looking world even without the huge factory.
  11. In game name:GameDevil667 Age:17 Country: USA Why should we hire you: I'm a good staff member. I've been staff on many other servers and I enjoy being a staff member. I like to help people. Previous Experience: Owned a server., been staff on a lot of servers.
  12. Hi I made an application and I was wondering if you would check it out? I am not tring to be a begger or anything. I just wanted to know if you would check it out. I am good with computercraft.

  13. I need people who are good with the computercraft, RC2, and Wireless Redstone mods for a huge buildcraft facility. People who are interested head over to and apply as engineer. Just put in your application that you are there for the build project! Those who are accepted WILL be featured on youtube with specific credit and links to your youtube/facebook/twitter/whatever. Hope to see you soon!