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  1. Has anyone else had an issue with MPS keybinds not working until you open the GUI for them? I have two currently, f (nightvision) and t (flight control). Flight control works just fine but night vision only works after I open and close the GUI.
  2. Alright after a stupid amount of testing the GUI does indeed state how much each side can input or output. So an REC can input or output up to 100MJ/t from each face. Ugh, experimentation. I also answered my own question in regards to wooden conductives while I was at it lol.
  3. I set up the portal in my base wherever I want it first and write down the coordinates for each side of the portal. I go to the Nether and divide my current position's x and z by 8 (the nether is 8x smaller than the overworld, height (y) is the same). If the two numbers don't roughly equal each other then I came to the nether through someone else's portal and I go to my calculated nether coordinates and build my own portal. Then again I'm extremely anal retentive about this sort of thing. For example if I had built a portal in the overworld and one of the sides was sitting on x=80, z=80, y
  4. If I set an REC to have an output limit of 25, does that mean that all faces combined pull only 25 or each face pulls 25 up to the 100 maximum? The same goes for input I suppose. Also, are wooden conductive pipes the only ones that can pull power from an REC and if so are they actually limited to 32 as stated in NEI? It seems rather silly to be limited to an output of 32MJ/t per face.
  5. Sorry, I wasn't being clear. I'm talking about sending the power from the generators to batteries, not from them. It was more a question of the energy cells maximum input/output than anything else.
  6. I thought they removed that part of the config file? I remember tweaking it in Tekkit Lite but didn't see it this time around.
  7. That...is an excellent suggestion. Thanks a ton.
  8. Is it worth it to boost the number of items from 5 to 9? I have 8 ringing one reactor right now but if I can use fewer reactors and just use liquiducts that would simplify my cabling.
  9. So I'm trying to design a power station and battery backup. I would like to have something like 10+ redstone energy cells being fed by my biofuel generators and then shipping it off via phased conductive. What I need to know is whether or not 100MJ/t for REC's is its absolute limit or its per face limit? If it can only take in 100MJ/t regardless of how many connections then that means I need to rethink my design lol. Incidentally if anyone has any links to videos or advice on how to go about this I'd love to see it. Youtube searches didn't provide me with any relevant videos sadly.
  10. Alright new question in the same vein. How many generators can one bioreactor keep supplied given 5+ item varieties?
  11. Mmm, delicious chicken farm. Anyone got a solution for phasing mobs? My cows, not pigs strangely enough, keep killing themselves phasing into the wall. This is doubly strange since their numbers only seem to go up and not down. I've turned the breeder off for now as I have a stupid amount of beef/leather but I don't understand why the chronotyper isn't pulling them into the grinder pen before they mature. It works fine when I'm there but when I leave the pocket dimension or server (dimensional anchor is in place to cover a 3x3 area) they apparently multiply out of control. My sheep were do
  12. *shakes fist* DAMN YOU WIKI. Actually now that I think of it the official MFR thread says wheat too. Bah, now I have to expand my carrot farm to compensate. Thanks guys, you're the best.
  13. Hello again folks. I seem to have stumbled across a rather odd problem. My breeder, or perhaps the pigs themselves, are just flat refusing to breed. These are brand new pigs, fresh from the wild (and I spawned two to test) so I know they can breed and aren't just 'exhausted'. The breeder has wheat, power and is facing the correct direction. I was using this exact pen for sheep earlier but decided to change it to pigs since I didn't need to move sheep babies and it worked just fine for the sheep. I'm completely lost at this point but then again I'm exhausted so hopefully it's something stup
  14. So according to the wiki it generates 1333 MJ/bucket, but what does that translate into in terms of MJ/t? Edit: Sorry about the double post, connection fail.
  15. Hey folks. One of my users has been having rather severe disconnect issues since we migrated from Tekkit Lite v0.6.5 to Tekkit v1.1.8. The server has not changed (professional host out of Dallas, TX). In the old world he had moderate lag (Australian) but it was fine otherwise. Now when he logs on he disconnects every few minutes, ten being the current record. Any thoughts/suggestions I can offer him as I don't know why this would suddenly become an issue for him.
  16. Title: [MPS] Keybind Issue Version: 1_1_8 OS: Win7 x64 Java Version: Latest Description of Problem: One of my keybinds (F for nightvision) does not work until I open and close the keybind GUI. All other keybinds work just fine. Error Messages: Error Log:
  17. Do these two play nice together or is it only the minecart chest that it'll work with?
  18. This is odd. I can get the server to online status from the server's point of view but I can't actually log in (shows as offline in the launcher). It's a remote server running Java 7 with 0.6.5 and Bukkit 253. As I just testing to make sure I could log in without plugins first nothing else has been added. Any thoughts?
  19. Hey folks I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with phased conductive pipes as a means to power an ME network from Applied Energistics. When I tried it it seems like the receiver tries to drain the ME controller while simultaneously sending power to it. Since phased pipes can't for whatever reason be set to receive only I'm wondering if there's a workaround or if I should just stick to energy tesseracts for now? I've been told they can only transport so much MJ at a time and if my network gets large enough (mostly my MAC) I might over draw the tesseract. Thoughts?
  20. Hey folks I have a (hopefully) simple question. Does anyone know where the tesseract public frequency descriptions are saved? I just updated from 0.5.6 to 0.6.5 and for the life of me I can't figure out where to look for them.
  21. Alright I've searched all over the internet for help on this one and apparently no one has ever discussed it. Is it possible to use item tesseracts in combination with pneumatic tubes and the retriever? I'm trying to shorten the transit time from my storage facility to the lab where I build my stuff.
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