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  1. So i just updated my Voltz single player world and have begun finding blast compressors scattered through the world, i think they have replaced all of the uranium ore. Hoping someone has a little better insight than me.
  2. Did you set it to manual update in the options on the log in and then select the newest version?
  3. Sorry guys, I'm just a dumb ass, the Manipulator has to have power to put it in the right slot.
  4. 22 totally addicted to minecraft, kind of a problem with classes and the like, but yeah. I'm just using a laptop for school and personal so it's a little deficient for screen capture and recording. i also play rugby despite the fact that I'm from USA, MN to be more Exact. Pretty easy going, i think I'm funny, but not everyone agrees. I also watched a little of your minecrafting video, it's such a long video. but you seem pretty easy to get along with.
  5. my bad, like i said, i could be way off base, i was.
  6. I might be way off base, but i believe that the MFFS need to be power by an energy cube. It's the same with the power bow, if you charge the power bow in a battery box you essentially break it. I think it's a bug as the whole point of Voltz is for all of the electricity to work together, but try an energy cube and let us know.
  7. Right after opening the launcher but before you log in there is an options button, click that, then the third bubble down says manual update. once you click on that it will let you change the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner, scroll all the way up to the option labeled (latest) and select it, click o.k. then log in and it should start up like normal. Voltz can be buggy however and you may have to clear the files a couple of times if it doesn't load up right.
  8. I don't have to technical ability to record video and play minecraft on my laptop, but i would love to join you on your server, I've been trying to find someone to play Voltz with.
  9. Hey so this is aimed almost completely at Tactical lion, your videos are superb and have been my main information source. I have noticed that since your last automation tutorial some things had changed, for example. No matter where you put the manipulator the ore will not go into the right slot. Maybe I'm just missing something but i dinked around with it for quite a while and found no solution. I could get the clumps and ores to go into the orange upgrade slot, and the Blue products slot even the green power slot but not the input slot. I would love a video or just some help from anyone w
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