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  1. 1- In-game Name :Cathmandu 2- Experience in Minecraft :several years, I know everything about it by now. 3- Experience in Tekkit : 4- What you wish to see in the server :A welcoming community and an intact area outside of spawn. 5- Have you read the rules? :yes 6- Do you have skype? - Yes : aidanbarnesrox 7- What is the secret word? ;Maniumox
  2. IGN:Cathmandu Age:15 Timezone:Pacific/Central Explain, in your own words, Rule number 6: Collectors may not be out in the open or else staff will take them... How long have you played tekkit for?:Enough to get a base with advanced machines, emc farms, quarries, and other stuff. About a year, pretty much. If you've been banned from another server, please explain it away here:banfree record! Tell us something about yourself.: I enjoy dubstep and animations.
  3. Has anyone tried using Optifine Lite? It doesn't have the configuration settings, but it does do some kind of frame-boosting magic that one should notice :P
  4. Hello! First of all, I have NO IDEA where on these forums I could've posted this, but this forum hopefully is the right one. I know there is a wiki dedicated to technic, but is it possible for someone to make an xml dump or, preferably, a pdf file filled with short descriptions of what stuff does(crafting recipes are optional as you can see them in-game anyway. ANOTHER option would be to simply assemble some good mod review vids, as one can download them and then view them and be like "hey so that's what that thing does...." Pretty much, make a non-internet-dependent guide for tekkit/tekkit lite/tekkit classic?
  5. Hi, Some people may have heard of Jolicraft, but I would like to see if someone could make a patch for it for Tekkit Classic, at least. The texture pack is here. http://www.jolicraft.com/ On a side note: Why doesn't someone make a stickied post of a texture pack template for all of the Technic modpacks? Something like this: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1390942-14715-hd-texture-pack-templates-full-pack-512x-256x-128x-64x-32x-16x-8x-15000-downloads/ except for Tekkit, Technic, voltz, hack/mine, etc.
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