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  1. can u get void to whitelist me -evilwithin12

  2. I don't care how lagy it is I want to play this server, it sounds cool, roleplay is not my thing but it's minecraft (Tekkit Lite) so who cares, it's looks and sounds like a boss.
  3. Your backstory is about how elves attacked your people and his story you have to read
  4. IGN: samioman Character Name: samioman Character Age: 28 Character Sex: Male Real Age:13 Real Sex:Male Backstory: Because of his name, people made fun of him but he did not care because of his future. His dad is owner of a high class company called Frost Inc., and he is going to own it at the age 30 like the rest of the family but of his father's death he is the youngest in the family to become boss but every since the war, he promise to rebuild Frost Inc. and make allies so no matter what happens his friends and him will be safe from harm. Male,28 Brown hair Wears a red tie and black suit Has prefect skin Always wears a mic